The Perfect Christmas, by Debbie Macomber (Book Review)

Posted December 21, 2011 by Jana in Book Review / 7 Comments

The Perfect Christmas, by Debbie Macomber (Book Review)The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Macomber
Published by Mira on September 29, 2009
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Holiday - Christmas, Romance
Pages: 232
Format: Hardcover
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3 Stars


For Cassie Beaumont, it's meeting her perfect match. Cassie, at thirty-three, wants a husband and kids, and so far, nothing's worked. Not blind dates, not the Internet and certainly not leaving love to chance.

What's left? A professional matchmaker. He's Simon Dodson, and he's very choosy about the clients he takes on. Cassie finds Simon a difficult, acerbic know-it-all, and she's astonished when he accepts her as a client.

Claiming he has her perfect mate in mind, Simon assigns her three tasks to complete before she meets him. Three tasks that are all about Christmas: being a charity bell ringer, dressing up as Santa's elf at a children's party and preparing a traditional turkey dinner for her neighbors (whom she happens to dislike). Despite a number of comical mishaps, Cassie does it all --- and she's finally ready to meet her match.

But just like the perfect Christmas gift, he turns out to be a wonderful surprise!

First off, yay!!! Two reviews in two days! So proud. :) I really do love this time of year, and I love ingesting as much sweet stuff as possible, both by way of mouth (unfortunately) and by way of entertainment! I watch Christmas movies all month, make Christmas cookies and fudge, design Christmassy jewelry, and listen to the Carpenters wish their darlings a merry Christmas. Finally, I’m guilty of hunting down the cutest Christmas romances all year and saving them for after Thanksgiving, as you’ve seen me do all December here at the blog. I read as many as possible. This kind of book follows the same formula that all other Christmas romances follow. The people are sweeter than candy canes, merrier than the elves, and jollier than Saint Nick himself. And of course… there’s the one woman going through her quarter-life crisis, hoping for a boyfriend for Christmas, followed by a bun in the oven and a white-picket fence. I’m typically not a sappy person, but for some reason I enjoy this during the holidays!

Doesn’t that synopsis just make you smile? I knew that, ultimately, the entire book would be pure, predictable, fluff. But it was extremely sweet, and I did really enjoy it! I got pretty tired of listening to Cassie complain for the first 30 or so pages, but it got so much better once she was done introducing her predicament and venting about it. I adored Simon’s character. He was the scrooge of the book, who did not believe in love even though his profession was to help others find it. I love the banter he and Cassie share back and forth. As Cassie goes through the process of completing her three tasks, she experiences some funny things and also some heartwarming things. You grow to like her, and her totally awesome brother (I’d date him!). It does have a very sweet ending, and everyone is overflowing with happiness and the spirit of Christmas.

It was a cute, fast, fluffy read but I love that at Christmastime! Now, it’s not a piece of genius literature, nor does it have a very original plot. It’s very predictable, and I knew from the very beginning what was going to happen. If you’re looking for a challenge, or looking to be captivated, this is probably not the book for you. If you’re looking for a quick dose of cute Christmas sappiness, then perhaps you’d take from this book the same things I did.

3 Stars
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7 responses to “The Perfect Christmas, by Debbie Macomber (Book Review)

  1. I love the holiday season – so much good food, holiday music and generosity and kindness all around. And like you, I love immersing myself in the holiday. I watch movies (Love Actually! Serendipity! Elf!) and I listen to holiday music (nothing beats NSYNC’s holiday album). And of course, Christmas-y books!

    This book sounds really cute! I think I’d enjoy reading it. If I didn’t have so many books to finish reading, I’d definitely go for it. Great review though!

  2. Thanks, Alexa! LOVE Serendipity and Elf! I’ve never seen Love Actually, but I’ve heard a ton about it. And I have not listened to NSYNC’s Christmas album in eons! I need to do that today!

    If you don’t get to it this year, maybe next year! It’s $3.19 on Kindle right now. Can’t beat that!

  3. Aww I’m pretty sure one of her Christmas books is a movie on the Hallmark channel! But I love Christmastime too :) Thanks for commenting on my review of Lola! That’s so exciting there’s a new one! I seriously can’t wait for it! I hope you have a merry Christmas :)

    P.S. You should seriously watch Love Actually. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time!

  4. Yeah! I think several of her book are Hallmark movies now. I love Hallmark movies…

    I can’t wait for Isla either! I love Stephanie Perkins so much! And I’ll go find Love Actually somewhere and watch it. :) Everyone loves it! You have a Merry Christmas too! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. Hey!

    Lovely review :) I’ll check it out :) Merry Christmas to you btw :)

    Oh also, to answer your question, start with goodreads, best place to promote your blog :) and twitter too!

  6. Hi Anjana! Your name is so close to mine! How fun! Thanks for the advice. :) And thanks for your sweet compliments! Let me go and search my CSS for the code. It’s in the blockquote section, if your blog has one in the HTML. :) I’ll go check and write to you on your blog! Thanks for visiting!