Armchair BEA 2012: Life Beyond the Blog

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Armchair BEA is a fun online event that those of us who could not attend BEA in New York City can participate in! There’s ways to network with other bloggers, posts on blogging tips, giveaways, and happenings at BEA from people who are there. Visit the Armchair BEA blog to see a schedule of events!

Today’s topic is tricky for me. The creators of Armchair BEA have asked us to, “share your top tips for getting beyond your blog! Have you done any freelance writing? Are you monetizing your blog and how so? How do you make connections outside the book blog community on the internet?” I haven’t freelanced, I’m only an Amazon Associate, and there’s not a lot of ways to get involved in the bookish community where I live. Since none of these really apply to me, I’ve been encouraged to talk about a fun aspect of my life, separate from books.

There’s not a lot I do that’s separate from books! Haha. I’m a graphic designer, and I own my own business called Enchanting Simplicity Graphic Design Studio. Throughout my design career, I have freelanced for Microsoft working on some XBOX things, created a brand identity for a motion picture company, designed websites for schools and small businesses, done a lot of wedding announcements, and designed t-shirts, album covers, advertisements, and books for various performing groups and organizations. I love, LOVE what I do. In the future, I plan to get beyond my blog by designing book covers for self-published authors (and maybe someday I can get on a design team for a major publisher like Harper Collins, Random House, Macmillan, etc. That’s my dream!). Book covers are very exciting things to design, and I already know I love working with authors and other people in the book industry! If you’re looking for a book cover, let’s talk!

When I’m not designing, I love making jewelry, watching re-runs of my favorite shows (like Friends, Saved by the Bell, Wings, etc.), hanging out with my friends and family, and going to MOVIES. I am a major movie-lover. I also love traveling around the world. Reading has really opened my mind and taken me to amazing places. I’ve got this constant hunger to find the locations I read about, and if they don’t exist I like to find places that remind me of them.

Well, this is my life beyond the blog! What’s your life like when you’re not reading or blogging? And what are you doing to achieve the goals you’re hoping to achieve through book blogging? Link me up, and I’ll come visit!

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15 responses to “Armchair BEA 2012: Life Beyond the Blog

  1. Book covers are a nice thing to design! A good cover can do SO MUCH and I’m obsessed when they are designed well. I really like that you’re a designer because although I do not have any aspirations to be one, I admire people with a keen eye for aesthetics. Traveling is loads of fun! I’m always itching to go somewhere.

  2. Your layouts are beautiful. You could do so much good for some of the self published authors out there. The books can be good, but there’s more than a few with rather awful covers. Hope you get there

  3. I love to learn more about the people whose blogs I love. We two have many similar hobbies and favorite TV shows :)
    Graphic Design sounds really interested. Would love to be more creative but maybe you can’t have anything :)

  4. I am in awe of graphic designers. Can do so many things that I consider crafty and artsy, but when it comes to using software….I am lost and a total Luddite.

    Hope you get the chance to design book covers for all of us soon!

  5. Do you watch Psych (the TV show)? All the shows you listed are older, but given the humor I thought you might like it. I just watched all 5 seasons I think (I forget how many). The show is on USA but reruns on other cable channels sometimes.

  6. Sarah Williams, thank you so much for stopping by and complimenting my designs, as well as expressing your vote of confidence! I tried to visit your blog to thank you there, but I can’t find it!

    Gwen, thank you to you as well! The software was tricky at first, but once you know how to use it it’s really easy!

    Vikk, thank you! And you go for the jewelry making! It’s so much fun!

  7. I kinda figured you would be a graphic designer you obviously have an eye for it. I love graphic design (especially other peoples) it is so strange to have an art form that has the potential to be completely intangible!

    Anyway, great “beyond the blog” stuff and thanks for stopping by!

  8. I always love finding out more about my friends. Your career as a graphic designer, I have no doubt, is great! I’m so excited about our little project to come :)