Bookish Finds: Game Night Edition

Posted June 11, 2012 by Jana in Bookish Finds / 13 Comments


Bookish Finds is a feature here at That Artsy Reader Girl, where I highlight awesome bookish things I come across during my exciting life.

Today, can I just show you all of these fun games for lovers of all things bookish? I absolutely love board games, and hosting game nights with my friends and family. Sadly, not many of them are bookish. Would any of you like to come play with me? :)

Book-opoly allows a look inside the many worlds contained in classic literature. It’s a traditional trading game where players buy, sell and trade their way to fun with family and friends. Interesting facts about the books and the authors are printed on the back of each property deed. Roll the dice and advance to READ. Collect Bookstores and trade them in for Libraries. Who knows! You may soon be elected President of the Book Club — or you may be tossed out of the game for three turns and sent to WATCH TV! Whatever happens, you are going to have fun – and perhaps learn a little something too!
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If you like to read, you’ll really love playing Trivial Pursuit Book Lover’s Edition! This game combines the fun of the Trivial Pursuit game with the exciting world of books, authors and literary characters. Inside there are over 2000 fascinating questions from six different categories. You’ll find questions on English and American Literature as well as popular romance novels. Your favorite childhood stories are included, too. From the Mother Goose Classics to Edgar Allen Poe to today’s best-seller’s list, everything fun about books is covered here!

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It Was A Dark & Stormy Night, a game of “first lines,” is one of the quintessential games about books. Bring it to book club for a change of pace, or simply invite your bookish friends over for a night of fun, laughs and a splash of culture!

Participants listen to the opening line or two from a book and identify its title or author. That might sound daunting, but you’ll know more than you think! Impress your friends, and learn about some interesting new books along the way.

Includes a wide variety of categories: Novels, poetry, science fiction, children’s books, books made into movies, classics and the not-so classic.

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Bring family and friends together for a literary round of Jenga. Players remove and stack custom blocks which feature thought provoking book-related questions. As the tower builds, so does the dialogue! If you are the last player to stack a block without making the tower fall, you win!

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Scrabble – Book Lovers Edition is classic Scrabble with a novel twist. Play traditional Scrabble and enhance your score with custom game play including Plot Twist cards and bonus points for literary words. Draw letter tiles form the mini book bag and custom tile racks hold the all-new Plot Twist cards!

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So, what do you think? Want to come over and play some of these with me? I’ll make popcorn and cookies, and we can watch Pride and Prejudice!


Have you played any of these? If so, are they fun?

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13 responses to “Bookish Finds: Game Night Edition

  1. I absolutely want to come over and play all of these games with you!! :) I just HAVE to get Bookopoly! It sounds so much cooler than regular Monopoly!
    I’d also love the Trivial Pursuit edition, but I don’t think anyone I know will be able to play it with me…
    Awesome finds! :)

  2. Ah – can we please get together in real life and play these games? I need more bookish friends to have game night with! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. That is awesome!! I have never seen any of those before, but they look fun to play! I’ll definitely have to call you up when I’m in your neck of the woods.

  4. Lol, omg I LOVE this. o: Bookopoly! Haha. I had no idea these things existed, that is just pure awesomeness! You make me want to rush and purchase them all; I love playing board games too. I’d just have to have more bookish friends…

    I’d totally come play with you! ;)