My Christmas Playlist (The Songs I Grew Up On)

Posted December 22, 2012 by Jana in About Me / 1 Comment

I don’t know about you, but in my family we always listened to the same Christmas CDs every year. It was always super exciting to pull out the CDs the day after Thanksgiving and start dancing as we baked, decorated, wrapped, and sat by the fire. Here are some of my favorite Christmas tunes that I’ve been listening to since I was little.

Neil Diamond – Joy to the World
I love both his Christmas albums!

David Lanz – The Christmas Waltz/The First Noel
Ahh… David Lanz… This guy is amazing. I went to a concert of his, and melted.

The Beach Boys – Little St. Nick
Yes, I grew up listening to the Beach Boys. (I saw them live on the 4th of July this year, actually!)
And I love their Christmas album!

Andy Williams – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Is this not the most amazing Christmas song ever? Yeah, I thought so too. Every time I hear is I smile like a little kid.

Kenny G – The Christmas Song
Christmas Eve dinner was always spent listening to Kenny G’s Christmas albums by candlelight!

Wham! – Last Christmas
And honestly. Wham! had to happen. Every time I say the word “special” I say it they way they did in this song.

So, what Christmas songs did you grow up listening to with your family? Do we have any in common?


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One response to “My Christmas Playlist (The Songs I Grew Up On)

  1. Listening to all these certainly put me in a Christmas-y mood! Even though Christmas is over, I still wanted to say Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing!