2013 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon Interview with Leela!

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Yay! It’s that time of year again, when we book bloggers get to spread the love around the blogosphere to the bloggers who have introduced us to amazing new books. We get to lift each other up, make new friends, and find even more books to love dearly! We’re kicking things off this year with interview swaps, and I got to interview Leela from My World in English.1. Your blog is called “My World in English”, which made me go on a hunt to see where you’re from! Spain! I love Spain, and was in Barcelona over the summer. Tell us about the book world in Spain. Do you have any fun bookstores, author events, or book conferences like we do in America?

Mmm yes, we have author events and book conferences, but I don’t go because if it is in my town I don’t normally know the author and if it’s in Madrid or Barcelona or I don’t know or I can’t go . One time Stephanie Perkins came to Madrid, but I couldn’t go because I don’t live in Madrid and I had to work :'( But in my town we have a week where they sell second-hand books in stalls and I always go because I can find English books for a low price. After that it’s 23rd of April, so we have The Day of the Book in all the country. In my town they give you flowers and biscuits and they put some tables in a square and sell books. I love that day because the square is crowded with books and with people who are looking for books. And I think of Cervantes who died the previous day (and by the way he lived in my town) and what he’d think of all this.

2. What made you decide to start a book blog? 

I have created my world in English to improve my writing in English, but I couldn’t come up with any idea to post or people who talk to. So, I thought maybe I could look for people who had the same interest as me to read them in English. I started and added book lovers who were doing and talking such great things about books that I decided to join them :)

3. What is your favorite genre, and what are some of your favorite books from that genre?

I think YA, but every book which has romance on it it’s fine by me. My favourite books are Lola and the boy next door, Epic Fail, Nick and Norah’s infinite list, Dash and Lily’s book of dares, The sisterhood of the travelling pants, The statistical probability of love at first sight … (I can go forever hehe ;))

4. If you hate a book, do you push yourself to finish it or do you give up?

I definitely put aside. I don’t want to spend my time in a book which I don’t like.

5. Sometimes I like to much while I eat. What is your favorite food to eat while you read? 

I don’t eat while I’m eating, sorry. But if ido which is very rare I have snacks like cereals or nuts or something like. Something which I can eat quickly.

6. What else do you like to do when you’re not reading? 

I love writing on my blog and especially I love reading what other book lovers are posting and watch their videos about books too (Mmm I’m a bit obsessed with books)

Comments from me: Spain sounds like an awesome place for bookish fun times! The Day of the Book sounds amazing! SO nice to meet you, Leela! Thanks for hanging out with me on the blog today!

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8 responses to “2013 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon Interview with Leela!

  1. The Day of the Book – that’s so cool! I wish there were more bookish events in the Netherlands too, but at least the internet connects us to authors and other book bloggers :) And I love that you started your blog to improve your English! That’s such a wonderful goal! Lovely interview :)

  2. How very, very cool!!! I actually majored in Spanish but haven’t used it in forever… Maybe I should start a blog to practice my Spanish! LOL. That’s sooo neat! What a great interview! :)