Top Ten Swoonworthy Romances

Posted February 12, 2013 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 15 Comments

Seeing as how love is the theme of the month, today’s Top Ten Tuesday allows me to gush and fangirl over my favorite, most swoon-worthy love stories! (Yeah… I chose to do favorite love stories, rather than favorite romancey couples…) I love love, I love love books, and I love books, so this post is just going to be chock FULL of love!


So, what are some of your favorite romances? I can NEVER get enough love stories, so shoot me some links to visit or recommendations, and I’ll be a happy girl!
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15 responses to “Top Ten Swoonworthy Romances

  1. I love love love how you formatted this! And most of these are either favorites of mine, or books I most desperately want to read. Unbreak My Heart and Pushing the Limits are next on my romance TBR! :)