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Title: Bronte & Frank Go to Beverly Hills (Children’s Traveltivity Guides)
Author: Megan Worthy
Design and Characters: Danielle Forrest
Illustrator: Nicole Moon
Series: Yes!
Release Date: November 11, 2011
Publisher: Worthy Hen Productions
Format: Finished hardcover (signed by Bronte!)
Source: The author (thanks!)
Add It: Goodreads
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BRONTE & FRANK GO TO BEVERLY HILLS – takes you on a fun-filled adventure around the city of Beverly Hills in California. The heartwarming story of a little girl and her teddy bear is a hardcover picture book, featuring stunning illustrations, is packed with educational activities, stickers, postcard, 3D map, insider recommendations and a bonus CD – Ages 3+.

SYNOPSIS – Bronte & Frank arrive in Beverly Hills in spring and although Frank is not fond of busy cities, he agrees to head outdoors with Bronte to explore some famous landmarks – during their adventure to Greystone Mansion, Frank must face one of his most secret fears…

I am Bronte and Frank’s biggest fan, and wrote a review for their trip to Moscow last year. I was positively delighted when Megan wrote to me and asked if I would review this one for her.

This book is just as adorable as the first one, and I think what I love most is all the little extras that come with it. It’s not only cute and funny, it’s educational and entertaining. It is perfect for a little one who is interested in traveling or learning about new places, and particularly for families heading to Beverly Hills themselves. The book provides Beverly Hills information websites, a map, packing list, jet lag tips, news, emergency numbers, medical information, activity pages, and Spanish words to practice. It even comes with a post card to send to your friend, and a CD with sounds of Beverly Hills. Bronte sings a very passionate rendition of The Star Spangled Banner for us on this CD, and it’s too cute for words. Also included on this CD is Bronte reading her book to you, with her cute little expressive voice and musical sound effects. Give your child the book, some crayons, and a CD player and headphones, and they will be entertained for quite a while, singing along and giggling.

The story is so sweet. Bronte is the adventurous traveler, and scaredy-cat Frank is there to be reluctantly dragged through all the excitement. Readers will join them as they explore Rodeo Drive, Roxbury Drive, creepy Greystone Mansion, the Beverly Hills Children’s Library, learn some Spanish, take a Trolley Tour, scope out the celebrities, and Julie Andrews’s home (and Bronte sings Doe, a Deer from The Sound of Music for us). All the while, Frank is too scared, too bad a singer, and too shy. I think it’s so cute how Bronte is always getting Frank to go out of his comfort zone. And I also love that no matter how much they love going on vacation, they are always happy to return home again.

Honestly, this book is going into my pile of favorites, and I hope Megan continues writing more installments in this series. I just know children will love going on all these fun trips with Bronte and her little bear, Frank.

And, I will leave you with an adorable page from the book. This image, and more, can be found at

Posy Traveltivity Book Bags (Black) Oh, and Megan has also started making special bags for kiddos to take their traveltivity guides everywhere! They are adorable! This one here is my favorite. You can choose from a number of different fabrics here.

Homemade with love in Beverly Hills by Megan Worthy (author of the global adventure series – Bronte & Frank), designed particularly for little people to tote their TRAVELTIVITY GUIDES around town.  With reinforced straps, these fully reversible bags are made from 100% cotton and utilize locally manufactured fabrics.

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