Can I Have that Book Yesterday?

Posted April 18, 2013 by Jana in Discussion / 8 Comments

You know how sometimes you’re lollygagging on the Internet, and all of a sudden come across a review, or an ad, or a fangirl tweet, or some peer pressure from a fellow book lover and you eyes light up and you think, “I NEED THAT BOOK NOW.” But of course, it’s midnight and the book stores are closed, and you have to work the next day so you can’t go shopping early, plus Amazon takes forever… and you’re not into the idea of buying it on your ereader because the cover is sparkly and would look awesome on your bookshelf, and why can’t you just HAVE IT NOW. Am I right? I can’t tell you how many times that this has happened to me, and in this day and age… with all the technology and cool things like instant mashed potatoes… well, you know what I mean. When I saw this hilarious video, I could not help myself. I started dreaming.

So tell me. What books out there have had you so terribly excited that there was no earthly way it could get to you fast enough? Have you ever gone to extraordinary measures to get your hands on a book?
I think the worst I’ve done is drag my mom to the midnight release of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Haha! The line was a couple hours long, and it was a school night! :P Oh, I did pay $30 for an out of print mass market paperback that I just HAD to have! Too bad I didn’t even end up liking the book, and only finished it because I spent so much on it!
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8 responses to “Can I Have that Book Yesterday?

  1. Lol! I am this way with everything. As soon as I decide I want something, I need it NOW! I love ebooks for just that reason – instant gratification. I usually get most desperate when I am reading a book and there is a sequel and I need to start reading the second book immediately.

  2. When Everneath (Ashton) came out, I was at Barnes and Noble at 9 AM sharp, and went to find it – but it wasn’t there! So I went up front and asked the guy (all business-like) where Everneath was because “It’s supposed to come out today…” *pointed stare* He goes, “Oh, they’re in the back. Sometimes you guys beat us to it!” Hahahaha ;)

    Great post!

  3. Haha, naturally I’ve gone to all of the midnight HP releases!

    Apart from that, if I desperately need a book RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND I’ll see if my library has it (lucky for me, my library is only a few streets away) or if I have a copy at work.

  4. I pre-ordered Opal and then bought it for my Kindle when it came out early and the paperback hadn’t arrived yet, then ended up with a signed copy to. The things we book addicts do for our drug of choice :).

  5. I’ve done HP midnight releases but otherwise I’m usually pretty good about waiting-I just have so many books and as a long-time library user, you get used to waiting.

  6. ARRRRRGH that video is amazing. If only it existed! I swear I’d pay an extortionate amount for instant shipping. One day there will be USB pads that you connect to your computer and once you’ve paid for something, it instantly appears on the transportation pad… If only.

    I went to the Harry Potter midnight launches, but that’s it I think. I made sure I went to the store on the day Breaking Dawn was released though.

    The only book I’ve been DESPERATE for is Shatter Me, by Tererah Mafi. Only I bought it a year ago and still haven’t read it… *coughs sheepishly*

  7. I actually don’t think I’ve done anything too extreme. I used to be heavy-handed with the pre-orders, but that’s slowed down considerably lately. I’ve been very good about not book shopping at the moment! I think the craziest thing I’ve done is the Harry Potter Book 7 release.

  8. Honestly, I’ve never really had problems. :P If I really, really, REALLY need a book ASAP to read RIGHT NOW, then I just buy the ebook version. Instantly delivered. And I can read it on any ereader that I have on either of my computers, or through my mobile device (a Samsung Galaxy Player). If it’s a physical book I want, there’s Amazon Prime, so I get 2-day shipping. If it’s a book I can wait 3~5 days for, I buy a used copy from a seller that lives either in the same state as me (California), or I find the closest seller possible. Not to mention there are physical bookstores and libraries around my house that I can drop by if I truly want a physical copy in my hands fast.

    Nice reading everybody’s experiences :P Love those books~

    – Esther