Do you check back for follow-up comments?

Posted June 20, 2013 by Jana in Discussion / 33 Comments

I absolutely LOVE comments on my posts. I love interacting with readers of my blog, to discuss bookish things and even milestones in my life! I love coming to you all for advice, and that’s actually what I’m doing today.

How do I respond to your comments? Do I reply here, or do you not come back to check and see if I did? Do I respond here just in case, and to show other people that I do respond? Do I tweet you? Do I reciprocate and go to your blog and leave a meaningful comment on a review of yours, while also thanking you for coming to my blog and then responding to whatever it was you asked me? Do I email you? I just don’t know!!!

Bottom line, I don’t want anyone to feel ignored. I love all of you, and I want to make sure you know how much I appreciate it when you reach out to me! Advice, please! What do you do? How do you make sure your blog readers know you care about the comments they leave you?

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33 responses to “Do you check back for follow-up comments?

  1. I try to respond to several comments at a time on my post. Then I’ll go to their blog, if I can find it, and comment/thank them for visiting.

    I like to check back on comments I make but don’t always remember too and really like the “there was a reply to your comment” emails.

    • That’s a good idea.

      I like those emails as well, but I hear that commenting system has some major flaws. So hard to know what to do!

  2. I generally just respond to the person on the post they commented on. I really need to get better at checking back on comments that I’ve posted on other blogger’s posts – who knows how many comments I haven’t replied to! Haha.

  3. I try to reply on my post as well as visiting their blog in turn. I personally never check back to see if the blogger responded unless I asked a specific question, in which case I hope they email me to discuss further.

    • I definitely try emailing people if they asked a question, but at the same time it can be hard to find their email address!

  4. I usually just respond to the comment on my blog, but you’re right… How often do people really come back to check if you responded? I only personally do it if I’m at a blog for another post. I might think “Oh hey, I wonder if they responded to my last comment.” Otherwise, I’ll have no idea. I mean, there is that automated email for replies you can get, but sometimes I think that can be a bit overwhelming.

    The thing about not responding on your own blog is that I think others might get discouraged when thinking about commenting because they might see your lack of response and think you’re not taking time to do it at all. I think doing it on your own page shows you’re making an effort to interact… even if the other person might not see it? So confusing…

    • I definitely agree with your thinking here. I try to respond so that people know I care, but it can also be discouraging because I miss out on so many conversations!

  5. I like to respond to comments people leave me but for comments I leave on other people’s blog, I only usually make a point of checking back if I have asked a question that I am looking for an answer on.

    • Makes sense. I do try to reciprocate by going to their blog, but it’s hard. Sometimes their most recent post is about something I honestly can’t figure out how to comment on! Haha.

  6. I try to respond to all comments. My blog is still new, so I don’t have too many as of yet. I feel that people will actually comment if they know that they are being read/responded too.

    As for checking back to the post where I have commented on, I would only go back if I asked a question or was really involved in a discussion throughout the comment thread.

  7. Like a lot of other people who’ve commented here, I tend to respond to comments on the post they commented on. I like to feel like I’m interacting with people and show that I appreciate the time they’ve taken to comment. However, I rarely check back unless there’s some pressing question I asked. I’m actually really glad you posted this as it seems pretty timely for me. I’m trying to get more involved on twitter for full out book discussions.

    • See, I like this idea. I wish there was an easy way to send out an automated email saying I replied to their comment. I know Disqus has the capability, but I’ve also heard it tends to have bugs. Blah. So hard to know what to do!

  8. I’ve wondered about this myself! I do reply to comments on my blog, most of the time and then I go to their blog to leave a comment on one of their blog posts. I do sometimes check back to see if there was a reply to my comment, if I know that person normally replies. I just keep their blog open as a tab and refresh the page after a while. But I don’t always do that.

  9. Lea

    I rarely remember to check back to blog comments to see if you – or anyone else responded – to what I wrote, usually because I forget. I like when there is an email feature for only a reply I’ve seen on a few blogs, I usually don’t want to get the mass emails for following a thread convo.

    On Twitter, it’s always nice to get a tweet back or a favorite or something, so I get an acknowledgement. Sometimes my insecurity creeps in and I feel like I’m not literary enough for some bookish people’s convo’s. I think the several times I’ve tweeted back to you, you’ve tweeted back to me (not sure if that is the correct Twitter lingo either).
    On my own blog, it’s small and I hardly get any comments, so I respond to all of them with the “reply” under their comments almost all the time.

    Thanks for asking!

    • Yeah, I don’t like subscribing to comment threads and I like the individual reply emails, but that can open a whole other can of worms.

      Your Twitter lingo is right. :) I do my best to respond to all Tweets, and I LOVE it when readers write me there. I know what you mean about feeling insecure, though. Sometimes I feel weird butting in on a convo. Usually people encourage it, though, or they would not be talking publicly!

  10. I usually forget to check blogs for replies. I wish sites had a universal email policy for reply comments. I’m not sure why they don’t make it easier to converse.

    I try to reply to each comment on my blog and hope the people receive them.

  11. I always make sure to reply to comments on my own blog, and then often visit the blogger’s own site – hopefully that shows that I’ve been paying attention to their comments, as well as keeping comments flowing! =)

  12. This is something I’ve been SO indecisive about lately. I always go back to the commenter’s blog and leave them a very meaningful comment to give back that comment love, but I’ve been debating upon whether or not to actually respond to the comments on my actual blog. I normally don’t have time to go check back on people’s blogs that I’ve commented on (I simply comment on too many to do that!), but I do think it’s sweet when people reply to their comments on their blog.

    Gah! The indecisiveness!

    Lovely post, Jana. Hopefully I’ll finally come to a decision soon! ;)

    -Aneeqah @ My Not So Real Life

    • Seriously, there is so much back and forth thinking going on in my head! I try so hard to make it to the commenter’s blog, but it’s hard! Especially if they write about books/topics I’m not interested in.

      When you come to a decision on how to handle this, let me know. :P

  13. I love comments and I always respond to all of the comments left on my blog. I have Disqus which sends an auto message to comments that have been replied to. It’s so convenient and simple!

    I also enjoy commenting on other people’s blogs but I’ll admit that if I don’t get an automatic email notifying me of a reply, I usually don’t take the time to go back and check. It’s not that I don’t want to know, it’s the fact of keeping track of all the posts. I’m trying to work on it though because if a blogger took the time to reply, I should definitely go back and check.

    • I love comment, too! I’ve been thinking about Disqus, but I’ve also heard that it has a lot of bugs and it does not work on phones or tablets. Do you have any thoughts?

  14. I usually just respond to the comment on my blog, and because I have Disqu s installed, I know the commenter would get a notification of my reply. That’s why I like Disqus, even though it lags every few months. I think the reply on twitter is kind of nice too. I love engaging with bloggers on Twitter.

    • Do you use blogger with Disqus then? I’ve been thinking about using it, but I’m really scared to make the switch. I don’t want to mes anything up!

  15. On my favorite blogs: always.
    On other blogs: sometimes, when I remember to. I love those blogs that have a comment system that does notifications :)
    And I always ALWAYS respond to comments on my blog and then go to their blog and comment back.

  16. I don’t check back for replies to my comments. I comment on so many blogs that it’s hard to keep track of where I commented!

    On WordPress blogs it’s great to have a plugin installed that e-mails people when you reply. That way I get notified when someone replies to my comment and I don’t have to manually check back.

    If you’re on Blogger, it helps if you use something like Disqus that also e-mails people when someone replies to their comment!