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9781625106827_p0_v1_s260x420Sir Princess Petra’s Talent by Diane Mae Robinson
The Pen Pieyu Adventures #2 (although the book works as a standalone)
Published by Tate Publishing on September 24, 2013
Genres: Children’s chapter book, fantasy
Pages: 88
Format: Paperback
Source: From the author
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Sir Princess Petra has already proven she is a kind and noble knight. This, however, does not please the king and queen—they want her to behave like a princess and forget this silly knight nonsense of hers!

But when the king writes a new rule in the royal rule book that requires her to attend Talent School and acquire a princess talent certificate or suffer the spell of the royal magician, Petra, reluctantly, agrees to go. But who could have guessed what Sir Princess Petra’s Talent would be?

This cute little story is all about a princess named Petra, who decided she wanted to be a knight. She proved her abilities in the first book, which is also cute, and her parents are still not delighted by this. They want her to be a girlie little princess with a girlie little talent, so they send her to talent school in The Land of the Lost Donkeys with her trusty steed (dragon), Snarls. Petra, being the spunky tomboy that she is, really hates this idea. It’s required, though, so off she went.

On her way she meets a pink man named Prince Duce Crablips, who feels it would be nice to acquire a talent of his own. He chooses crocheting, Snarls chooses BBQing (why not put his dragony fire to good use?), and Petra tries to choose a number of talents she knows her father will not approve of. She finally decides on writing, and creates a lovely little poem before heading home (after taking a short detour to the Vast Wilderness for some adventure time) with her certificate in tow. Of course, any enemies of Petra’s become friends. She ends up back in her kingdom with a bunch of new friends, and a story to share. Celebration ensues, and she even looks out for her friend Bograt. Everyone loves Petra, and she loves everyone.

My favorite part of the Pen Pieyu Adventure series is the emphasis placed on going against the norm. Petra certainly does not fit into the normal princess category. She’s an adventuresome tomboy, and she’s proud of it. I think I know a few young girls who could definitely identify with her thoughts on this. The illustrations are all in black and white pencil or charcoal, and are pretty cute. I wish they had been in color like the cover! The storytelling is witty and exciting, and perfect for a youngster who enjoys fantasy. Snarls is a very fun character, and his antics made the book for me.


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9 responses to “Sir Princess Petra’s Talent by Diane Mae Robinson | Children’s Book Review

  1. Hi Jana,

    Thank you so much for your lovely review and joining the blog tour for my 2nd book. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventures. Yes, Snarls does try to wiggle his way into the limelight with his antics, doesn’t he? His never ending antics is one of the reasons he was forced to wear a pink-tasseled saddle in book 2–the punishment didn’t work.

    Thanks again, Jana.

    • Jana

      Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog today, Diane! It was a pleasure being on your tour, and reading about Princess Petra. :) Best of luck as you promote it further!

    • Jana

      Oh, me too! I have an Excel spreadsheet of my collection, and I just passed 500 children’s books a month or so ago. Someday I’ll get married and my husband will be so happy he does not have to buy any books for our future kids! Haha.

  2. Thanks to everybody for stopping by and commenting. I started my love of writing by reading at an early age too, Jana. Nothing quite like a good book and a big comfy chair, right?