Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare | Book Review

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Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare | Book ReviewSay Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare
Series: Castles Ever After #2
Published by Avon on December 30, 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher (Edelweiss)
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5 Stars

Your presence is requested at romantic Twill Castle for the wedding of Miss Clio Whitmore and... and...?

After eight years of waiting for Piers Brandon, the wandering Marquess of Granville, to set a wedding date, Clio Whitmore has had enough. She's inherited a castle, scraped together some pride, and made plans to break her engagement.

Not if Rafe Brandon can help it. A ruthless prizefighter and notorious rake, Rafe is determined that Clio will marry his brother—even if he has to plan the dratted wedding himself.

So how does a hardened fighter cure a reluctant bride's cold feet?

● He starts with flowers. A wedding can't have too many flowers. Or harps. Or cakes.

● He lets her know she'll make a beautiful, desirable bride—and tries not to picture her as his.

● He doesn't kiss her.

● If he kisses her, he definitely doesn't kiss her again.

● When all else fails, he puts her in a stunning gown. And vows not to be nearby when the gown comes off.

● And no matter what—he doesn't fall in disastrous, hopeless love with the one woman he can never call his own.

So I’m feeling like a review is not even possible because I loved everything about this book and have no complaints. I’m not kidding. Just go buy it and be done! This book was perfection to the highest degree, and I wish I had another one just like it to read right now. I think Tessa Dare is my favorite historical romance author! I love that I’m getting well-read enough in the genre to have favorite authors! Say Yes to the Marquess was even better than the first in the series, Romancing the Duke (You do not have to read that one to read this book. All of the books in the series stand alone.), and I really enjoyed that one too (read my review).

This book is funny. I love all the banter and the pent up tension that brings humor with it. But it’s dry humor that does not hit you over the head with its cheesiness. Rafe and Clio say some of the funniest things to each other, and their inner thoughts are pretty hilarious too. These two kind of grew up together, so they have a really strong foundation to build their feelings on. It felt so real. She’s engaged to his brother but doesn’t want to be anymore, and he is trying to be honorable and marry her off to his sucky brother anyway. But that’s so not working. Their flirtations, some of which involving a cake scene that had me swooning, were so sweet. I just loved everything about these two! She’s this prim, proper, sweet thing and he’s a hardened prizefighter with all kinds of worldly experience under his belt. It’s a very Lady and the Tramp story, and I loved it.

I’m going to stop here before I gush about everything. Basically, you should read this book if you’re in the mood for a fun historical romance. It’s funny and sizzling and sweet and soooooo romantic. Say Yes to the Marquess is a favorite of mine that I know I will want to revisit time and time again. When A Scot Ties the Knot is on the tippy top of my wish list! I can’t wait!


5 Stars
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7 responses to “Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare | Book Review

  1. Seriously Tessa Dare is the best! I loved Say Yes so much. Personally I liked Romancing the Duke more, but I still loved this one. There was something so extra special about Rafe. And I also cannot wait to read When a Scot. I was lucky enough to get an eARC from Edelweiss, and I am so freaking excited. Have you read her Spindle Cove series? Also, have you read Julia Quinn?
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Review: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

    • Jana

      Romancing the Duke was so much fun. :) I just had a thing for Rafe, like you said. lol. I’m still waiting to hear if I’m approved for When A Scot on EW! I really hope I get it because I want to start it ASAP! I have not yet read her Spindle Cove series. They are on my wish list, though! Have you read them? I’m curious how they compare. And I have not read Julia Quinn, but I own several of her books. Do you like her?

      • I have read her Spindle Cove series and I love them! And Julia Quinn! Yes you must read her! Tessa Dare is a lot of JQ. You can start with the Bridgerton series, or even What Happens in London. That one is just so fun. JQ is really know for her Bridgerton series, though, and my favorite of her books is the fourth in that series. JQ is often humorous, and she kicks butt in the dialogue department. Some of her books are a bit more serious, and some are very lighthearted.
        Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Review: Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis

        • Jana

          I’m going to read the Spindle Cove series ASAP then! And I just put What Happens in London on my wishlist! I have the first book in the Bridgerton series, so I need to get on that one as well. You’re not the first to recommend those to me! Thanks for all the recommendations!

    • Jana

      I’ve read very few Tessa Dare books as well, but this is definitely my favorite of hers too! And the dog!!!!! I know!! Haha. I laughed hard too. Such whimsy. :) Loved it!