Top Ten Book Series I Want to Quit

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I don’t see quitting as a bad thing. I look at it more like I’m cleaning up my life and getting rid of things that do not bring me joy and happiness. I’ve got a bunch of series on my shelf that I’m just not motivated to finish. Perhaps I read a spoiler and I’m not ok with the direction the series is going in. Perhaps I’m not a fan of that genre anymore. Perhaps it has been too long since I read the first book and I’m not interested in trying to remember. Or maybe I just didn’t love the first book or the second book enough. Regardless of the reason, it’s fine to quit. And I hope you feel that same! Why waste time reading books w’re not interested in? The following series are ones I don’t plan to finish. It’s nothing personal. I’m sure they are great. They just aren’t for me anymore.

1. Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth
I read and really enjoyed Divergent, but I read some spoilers and bad reviews for the last two books and decided they were not worth my time.

2. Shadowlands trilogy by Kate Brian
I read Shadowlands, and loved it until the very end. And then I was mad. lol.

3. Broken Hearts & Revenge trilogy by Katie Finn
I  pretty much hated  Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend, much to my dismay.

4. Hundred Oaks series by Miranda Kenneally
Stealing Parker was just not good in my mind. I did not like Parker, among other things.

5. Wither trilogy by Lauren DeStefano (I read Wither)
I read Wither back before I was a blogger, but I remember being very depressed by the entire story and not wanting to continue.

6. Hush, Hush trilogy by Becca Fitzpatrick
Hush, Hush was kind of a train wreck for me. Again, I read this book before I became a blogger, so I have no record of my thoughts. I do know I don’t like fallen angel books, though.

7. Black City trilogy by Elizabeth Richards
Black City might just be the book I hate more than any other book. It was gory, dark, and contained graphic violence/murder against a cat. I boycott authors who do this. I can still cry about this scene. It was just. Not. Necessary.

8. Pushing the Limits series by Katie McGarry
read and enjoyed Pushing the Limits, but I DNFed Dare You To. I just wasn’t a fan.

9. Flirting in Italian trilogy by Lauren Henderson (I read Flirting in Italian)
Flirting in Italian was one of my biggest disappointments ever.

10. Wings series by Aprilynne Pike
I actually really like this series. It’s just been too long since I read the first three books that I don’t remember enough to read the last book. I’m pretty ok with this.

11. The Partials Sequence by Dan Wells
I liked Partials a lot, but heard that violence against a cat happens in the next book… So NOPE. Animal violence is just not ok, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise. Just nope.

Ok, lay it on me. I know I’m going to get some grief on a few of these. Feel free to try and convince me to change my mind!

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12 responses to “Top Ten Book Series I Want to Quit

  1. Ha I quit Shadowlands too. I actually read the first two books and I agree. Loved the first book up until the end. I wasn’t exactly mad, but I felt a distinct “what the actual f” feeling for a lot of and the end was ugh. I thought about getting the final book because those covers are gorgeous but it’s definitely NOT at the top of my to-read list and probably won’t ever be.
    Bekka recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Quit… But Not For Good

  2. I never read past the first Shadowlands book either. I just was not interested. I’ve never read Divergent, and I don’t think I ever will. It’s just not my kind of book (not that there is anything wrong with it).

    I’m sorry you didn’t care for Dare You To. I liked that a lot. Not as much as Pushing the Limits, but I definitely enjoyed it. My favorite in the series is Crash Into You. Isaiah and Rachel, ftw!
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Six Bookish Things I Want To/Have Quit

  3. Wise choice about Divegent! I read it a few years ago and really loved it but, unfortunetelly, the rest of the books weren’t nearly as good. Wither I also really enjoyed but I never felt the need to go buy the sequel (I agree on the depressing part, it certainly had its moments). I read Hush Hush during my ‘fallen angels’ phase and remember really liking it,never finished the series though, but I have a feeling that if I go back to it now I won’t have the same feelings.

  4. The Divergent series definitely went downhill after the first book…I could go on about the books but I’m sure you’ve heard plenty. I’m usually pretty determined when it comes to finishing series. Except The Mortal Instruments, but I do plan to get around to the final three books eventually. I usually don’t like to abandon a series unless I really find it unbearable.

  5. Kj

    So… Divergent. Loved the first then have to agree it went a little off track. I still haven’t read the last book despite it sitting on my reader since it came out. I think I’m going to be naughty and watch the movies instead! I loved the Hush Hush series! But I’m a huge sucker for fallen angel stories and the books just got better as they went along for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of Pushing the Limit – I kinda felt it was over hyped – I have read a few other books by her but I feel its because I keep thinking they must get better because everyone else seems to like them.
    Kj recently posted…Monthly Chatter – September

  6. So I did read the entire Divergent series. I really enjoyed the first two books, but the third book killed me.

    I am usually a stick with a series to the end kind of girl, but there have been a few I just could not get into.
    1. The Curse Workers series by Holly Black. I just did not like the characters enough to continue reading their story.
    2. Lorien Legacies by Pittacus Lore. I read and liked I Am Number Four, but when I read the second book The Power of Six. I felt like the characters changed so much, and that Lore really contradiction things from the first book.
    3. Crank by Ellen Hopkins. I hated this book. I honestly cannot get into books that revolve around drug use.
    4. Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard. I read the first book and it was ok, but all the characters just come off as spoiled rich girls.
    Layla recently posted…Magic Shifts

  7. I was kind of surprised that I like book one of the Wings series by Aprilynn Pike. I remember being kind of reluctant to read the book when I found out Stephenie Meyer blurbed it or promoted it or whatever, buuuuut it was a free e-book, and that weighed out in the end. It wasn’t compelling enough for me to read past book one, but I’m still glad I decided to read it in the end.
    Jackie recently posted…Based on These Incredibly Vague Descriptions, Which Book Should I Read Next?