Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For (Besides Books!)

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Obviously I’m thankful for books and reading and my Kindle and authors and publishers and publicists and all the bookish things in life. I’m also thankful for my blog and my readers and the IT guy at my hosting company who fixes all my problems and humors me when I panic about little things.. But today I’ve decided to talk about everything ELSE I’m thankful for in my life right now, away from my blogging life and my reading life.

1. My Health
While I have multiple health problems that can cause debilitating pain and sadness, I’m not terminal, nor will my health problems shorten my life. There’s a lot of people out there suffering with life-threatening injuries and diseases, and I’m not one of them. I’m thankful for that.

2. My Family
My mom is my best friend and my sister is my cheerleader. We have a lot of fun together, too! I’m thankful for them. The world is pretty scary right now, and so many have lost their families and loved ones to hateful acts. My family is safe and sound, and I could not ask for anything more.

3. My Religion
I don’t ever get religious here on the blog (I see religion as a very internal and personal thing), but my belief system and my knowledge have shaped me into the person I am. I would be so lost without it. I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father.

4. My Country
As I mentioned before, this world is scary. But I feel safe regardless. I’m free to do a lot of things that people throughout the world cannot due for fear of being harmed. I’m thankful for that freedom.

5. My Friends
There are many wonderful people in my life, who bring me happiness and give me a sense of belonging and community. These are people I’ve met through school, through church, through cultural events, and even through the Internet. I’m so thankful for the people in my life.

6. My Home
I have a warm and cozy house filled with running water, heat, carpeted floors, and things I love. Working at the library this semester, I met a lot of homeless people. It gets COLD here, and I’m so thankful for my house.

7. My Education
Throughout my years of education in elementary and highs school, college, and now grad school, I’ve had the opportunity to become well-read and well-spoken. I’ve learned about culture, religion, history, literature, art, math, science, and more. I’m so thankful I live among people, and in a place, where education is valued and encouraged, and I’m thankful I had the opportunity to get this education in the first place.

8. My Talents
I’m a singer, an artist, a teacher, a writer, a photographer, a designer, a jewelry maker, a seamstress, a baker, a decorator, a hair stylist, a make-up artist, an organizer, an event planner, a dancer, a gardener, a humanitarian, a mother (to children I do not have), a listener, an advice giver, a genealogist, a researcher, a typographer, a social butterfly, a friend. I am thankful for all the things that make me me.

9. My Sense of humor
I love to laugh and make others laugh. Laughter is a blessing, and I’m thankful for that.

10. My Life
I’m so happy to be here, and I’m thankful I get to live in this day and age. It’s a great time to be alive!

So, I got a little sappy. That was expected, though. Haha! During this season of thanksgiving, what are you most thankful for? Leave your link, and I’ll come visit!

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