Discussion: Favorite Books to Read During the Holidays

Posted December 24, 2015 by Jana in About Me, Discussion / 4 Comments


It has been snowing up a storm over here in my neck of the woods, and now that I’m all ready for Christmas and Santa will be on his way soon tonight, I finally have time for some relaxing! I immediately knew I wanted to read Winter by Marissa Meyer. I have been so excited for this book, but with my Christmas event on the horizon I was busy reading Christmas books to post about this month! Now I’m done with those, so I finally have time! I always gravitate towards fantasy or dystopian books this time of year. My TBR for the rest of December and all of January is fantasy, actually. I don’t know what it is, but I think fantasy novels are so cozy! I love a book I can curl up on the couch with and spend my day all snuggly under a blanket while drinking hot chocolate. I’m planning to finish my very first Harry Potter read-through this winter as well! The first one was very magical and cozy, and I’m excited to continue.

Anyway, this all got me wondering what kinds of books you enjoy reading this time of year. What are you going to be reading tonight? Do you have a favorite genre or book that you read during the holidays? I’ve heard some people always read Pride and Prejudice or Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia. Then there are some friends of mine who love to read summery books to escape the cold weather. What’s your preference?

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4 responses to “Discussion: Favorite Books to Read During the Holidays

  1. Jennifer

    I have no real preference. I read quite randomly and December is usually the month I try to cram either titles I want to read or try to reach a number of books.

    I was a bit tempted to reread Little Women because of the christmas and winter scenes this end of year but I misplaced my copy and didn’t want to download an ebook instead.

  2. For the most part, I tend to just read Harry Potter through the holidays. I just like getting lost in a world so familiar to me. It’s cozy; it’s comfortable. But, when if I end up reaching for something other than Harry Potter, it’s usually a fantasy novel. I love a good fantasy tome during the middle of winter!
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