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I’m excited to welcome Michelle from Pink Polka Dot Books today to give us a little fashion advice for all the exciting events that come with this holiday season!


I’m very excited to be participating in Jana’s Bookish Little Christmas. I’ve never really done much of a Christmas theme on my blog, so it’s been fun thinking about what I wanted to do for this. What I decided on was Outfits to Wear to Christmas Parties. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t know what I’m wearing for a special occasion, I’ll end up sitting in front of my closet staring in frustration. Nothing gets me heated more than having “nothing to wear”. To fix that, I’ve found that it’s best to plan out what I’m going to wear in advance. I’ve put together 8 outfits for different kinds of parties or events you might be going to, to give you some inspiration. I also kept everything under $100 (except for 1 purse).

Casual Party


Not every holiday shindig is going to be something fancy. This is an outfit that I would wear to our book club secret santa exchange or to my moms house for Christmas dinner (I’m an only child, so there’s no dressing up for dinners at our house).




This outfit is for the fancy dinners or parties. Maybe one of your relatives has people over every year and everyone dresses up. Maybe you go out to a fancy dinner every year for Christmas Eve. A lot of people have at least 1 Christmas event that they dress up for. In the winters I love wearing dresses with tights or leggings. And I love the pink faux-fur coat and the little gift-box purse. I’ll always love a kitschy purse.


Office Party


I tried to put an outfit together that you could wear to work during the day and then go to straight to the party afterwards. I know last year, I changed in-between work and our office party, and that was sort of a pain. This year I would definitely rather wear something that could translate both to work and to party. I also desperately need those shoes!




For those of you celebrating Hanukkah, I put together a really cute outfit to wear to a Hanukkah party or to temple. I chose the blue dress to symbolize the official color of Hanukkah, and I love the flats!


Midnight Mass


For all you Catholics and other Christians who celebrate Christmas by going to Mass on Christmas Eve, I put together a cute church outfit. I love tall boots with a longish skirt. It makes me feel all grown-up and sophisticated.


Christmas Morning


Here’s a cute PJ set to wear after santa comes!! I always like to throw on a hoodie Christmas morning in case people are taking pictures.


Christmas at Grandma's


This is my “Christmas at Grandma’s” or also it is my “Meet the Parents” outfit. I love something like this to spend time with Grandma/other relatives because it’s adorably cute, but also it’s comfortable. The leggings are basically pants, so you don’t have to worry about holding your skirt down all night. Also it’s dressy enough that you look like you care without trying too hard (so good first impression if you’re meeting your S.O.’s relatives for the first time).


New Year Outfit


Of course the final party of the year has to have a sparkly outfit involved!! I love a long-sleeved dress. Like 90% of my winter wardrobe is long-sleeved dresses. But a sparkly long-sleeved dress!!! I’m in love! Also the thing about sparkly dresses and shirts are that when you wear them, they rub on your arms and after a while it hurts!! Having this with sleeves on it solves that problem… and also you won’t freeze (for those of you that live up North). Here’s to 2016!!

Thanks Jana for having me be apart of your event!! And happy holidays to all of you!! I hope everyone has a fun time picking out outfits for all those different functions. I know I had fun picking this stuff out :)


So, what do you think? Which of these outfits would you wear?

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