Ten Halloween Things I’ve Never Done

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Happy Halloween! I’ll admit, I’m weird when it comes to Halloween. I love the fall vibes and the spooky atmosphere, but I don’t love Halloween. I don’t like orange and black together. I don’t like paranormal or supernatural things. I don’t like blood or spiders or the undead. I do like some things about Halloween, though! I love watching old thrillers, reading gothic novels, eating candy, and seeing the cute kids in costumes when they come trick-or-treating to my house. So for today’s Halloween freebie I thought I’d share with you some totally Halloween things I’ve never done or experienced before.

1. I’ve never seen a Tim Burton movie.
Seriously. No Nightmare Before Christmas. No Corpse Bride. They’re just not my thing!

2. I’ve never gone to a haunted house (or haunted anything).
I’d probably die if a went to a haunted house, haunted corn maze, haunted hay ride, etc. I almost died on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, so it’s just never going to happen.

3. I’ve never carved a jack-o’-lantern by myself.
Yeah, this is weird even to me. I’ve just never carved my own pumpkin! I remember carving one with a date a few years ago, but I’ve never been to a pumpkin patch as an adult and when I do end up with pumpkins from the grocery store I just put them by my door uncarved.

4. I’ve never baked Halloween treats.
It’s true. I’ve never made Halloween frosted sugar cookies or hot dogs that look like severed fingers.

5. I’ve never had a pumpkin spice flavored beverage.
So, I don’t drink coffee so it’s not like I’m against the PSL because it’s pumpkin spice. I actually love pumpkin spice, just only in baked goods.

6. I’ve never done themed costumes with friends.
I had friends in college who all dressed as a Spice Girl or a different Power Ranger or a Disney princess. Me? Not interested.

7. I’ve never read a horror novel.
I mean, I’ve read scary books, but my threshold for scary reads is so below average that pretty much nobody I know would think I’ve read a scary book.

8. I’ve never told ghost stories by flashlight.
It will just never happen. Ghost stories keep me up at night no matter how outlandish they might sound.

9. I’ve never participated in a séance or used a Ouija Board.
It’s too scary! I won’t even look in the mirror in the dark because I’m scared Bloody Mary will show up unannounced.

10. I’ve never gone on a ghost hunt or ghost tour.
Pretty sure this comes as no surprise and requires no further explanation.

So basically, I’m a major chicken. I’m scared of my own shadow or if the toast pops up out of the toaster before I’m ready. I’m scared of little noises. I’m scared of no noises. I’m really just here to find out when I can start decorating for Christmas.

Is anyone else as much of a scaredy cat as I am?

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19 responses to “Ten Halloween Things I’ve Never Done

  1. Thanks for sharing things that you’ve never done before. It’s always interesting to hear about what things people have and haven’t done before in their lives. I am glad you were still able to participate in a Halloween related post even though you’re not a huge fan of Halloween.

  2. I’m not a Halloween person at all. I didn’t grow up celebrating it, so I haven’t developed any kind of affection for it as an adult, but sometimes watching a spooky(ish) movie or Gothic costume drama is fun! Oh, and I adore the movie, “Warm Bodies”! :)

    Really fun way to spin this week’s topic. I love PSL – especially the Frappuccino version at Starbucks. Hope you enjoy if you ever try one. :)
    Rissi recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday | All Hallow’s Eve and All the Spooky and Creepy Reads!!

  3. Number one hurts my soul. As someone who currently has her The Nightmare Before Christmas-beanie on and has TNBC-tattoo, this is a disaster, haha!

    Now, for the things I haven’t done either:
    3. I’ve never carved a jack-o’-lantern by myself.
    4. I’ve never baked Halloween treats.
    5. I’ve never had a pumpkin spice flavored beverage.
    6. I’ve never done themed costumes with friends.
    8. I’ve never told ghost stories by flashlight.
    9. I’ve never participated in a séance or used a Ouija Board.

    Uuh, well, that’s a lot more than I thought it would be.
    Oops? Although I do know that I’m a pussy. I hate horror novels. Hate those movies even more. And anything creepy: there’s the door!

    • I was just coming down here to say the same thing! I’m not even hurt just amazed that you’ve made it this far in life without having Burton forced upon you. It’s like a Halloween staple! Lol Are you wanting to do some of these things, but never have? Or are you perfectly content not doing them? No judgement just curious! =D

      Happy Halloween! http://nerdnarrationblog.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/top-ten-tuesday-halloween-freebie-halloween-movies-their-bookish-counterparts/

    • Jana

      Haha. I totally understand and recognize the fact that Tim Burton is talented and has a very strong fan base. I’ve tried TNBC, though, and only made it 6 minutes before I had to give up. :’) I guess he’s just not for me, but I love that you are passionate enough to get a TNBC tattoo! Everyone needs things they love that much in their life.

      I hate horror novels as well. I’m a maaaaajor chicken when it comes to anything scary. lol.

  4. Poinsettia

    Nice list! I’m not a big fan of scary things or horror either as it gives me nightmares, and I prefer to sleep soundly! I do enjoy carving pumpkins and it is fun watching kids dress up in costumes for trick or treat. Here is my Top Ten Tuesday.

    • Jana

      Pretty much! lol.

      OH MY. You REALLY spent the night in a haunted hotel? I could never even get my feet to cross the threshold, much less sleep there! Which hotel? Did anything crazy happen? Ahhh! You’re braver than I am!

      • It was in Eureka Springs Arkansas and the place is called the Crescent Hotel, it’s been featured on one of those ghost hunter shows. They take you on a tour and tell you ghost stories about the place then send you off to bed…lol. I didn’t have anything happen to me or see anything bummer! One of the ladies in our group said she talked to a little boy in our room, I really wanted to see something and would love to go back. :)

        • Jana

          AHHH. That would terrify me so much! lol. I like watching those haunted hotel shows, but only during the day with all the lights on. lol. If I had to stay in one, I’d probably leave the next day about 50 years older than I entered. :’)

  5. I am totally being “that person”, but if you’ve never seen a Tim Burton movie, how do you know you don’t like them? Besides the ones you think of off the top of your head, which I’m kind of “meh” on myself, he’s also done the original Batman movie/sequel, as well as Big Fish, which is mostly outside of his usual wheelhouse and actually really lovely.
    Gabby recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Supernatural Literary Characters

    • Jana

      I’m not saying I don’t like them. :) I’m just saying I’m not interested in them. lol. Most of them look creepy to me–the kind of creepy I don’t enjoy. I don’t like his illustration/animation style. I watched the first 6 minutes of The Nightmare Before Christmas and seriously could not find one redeeming quality. lol. I’m not the biggest fan of superhero movies either, and the synopsis of Big Fish didn’t catch my interest enough to pursue watching it. I mean no offense to the man at all. I just have determined through research, movie trailers, opinions of people I know, and my own tastes that his work just isn’t for me. :) I do recognize how much others love his movies, though.