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I’m excited to welcome Anna Bernard, publicity assistant at Bloomsbury Children’s, to the blog today to talk about her favorite holiday movies and TV specials. I spend the entire month of December watching Christmas movies and TV episodes, so I was delighted when Anna suggested this topic. I had completely forgotten how cute the Veronica Mars episode is, so I’ve got that on my list to re-watch that soon!

Anna’s Favorite Holiday Movies & TV Episodes

Peppermint mochas are wonderful, but they’re not what gets me in the mood for the holidays. A single holiday movie or TV episode, though, gets me pulling up my Spotify playlist “xmasssss” and putting up my ornaments! We all know about classics like Elf and Love Actually—at least, you should *insert side-eye emoji here*–but if you’re looking for supplemental holiday cheer, read on for my favorite movies and TV episodes for the season!

Veronica Mars


Though One Angry Veronica’s mystery is not quite as juicy as the previous season’s holiday episode, it is still pretty entertaining to watch Veronica lead a jury through a case in this 12 Angry Men homage. But it’s the last five minutes that make this episode one of my favorites. After hearing a close friend died, Veronica is all alone on New Year’s Eve. I probably shouldn’t spoil the episode entirely, so I’ll just say someone comes to the door, and I start tearing up.

Parks and Rec


I totally relate to the Parks Department’s panic over what to get Leslie—the most epic gift-giver ever—for the holidays. They eventually decide on a gingerbread replica of City Hall. When Leslie gets dropped by her campaign managers, though, the office decides to band together and help her campaign in any way they can: a truly great gift.

While You Were Sleeping


One Christmas morning, Sandra Bullock rescues a handsome stranger from being run over by the Chicago L Train—and the rest is fate! That is, if you consider fate to be pretending to be a comatose man’s fiancée when his grieving family makes an unfortunate assumption. Sandra Bullock is the queen of holiday movies (Practical Magic is my go-to Halloween watch), and this is no exception. Watching her fall in love with her new-found family is so lovely. Plus, she has these amazing ginormous sweaters, which I totally covet.

The Mindy Project


The Mindy Project is AMAZING at holiday episodes, and the Season 2 one might be the best. Back when Danny Castellano wasn’t a horrible jerk, just a curmudgeon-y jerk, he is Mindy’s Secret Santa. Throughout the week, he’s been giving her office supplies like a stapler and gauze, but his final gift shows his thoughtfulness: a choreographed dance to Aaliyah’s “Try Again”! Please view it here.

Gilmore Girls


Would this truly be my list if I didn’t include something from Gilmore Girls? Of course not! This is as Christmas-y as Gilmore Girls ever gets, except for Season 7’s Santa’s Secret Stuff, which I don’t like to think about (Season 7 doesn’t exist). Lorelai gifts Luke his iconic blue baseball cap and he makes her a sweet, disgusting Santa burger. And thus, a ship is born.

What are your favorite holiday movies and episodes? I’ve obviously seen a lot, so I need suggestions!

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3 responses to “Anna Bernard’s Favorite Holiday Movies & TV Episodes | Guest Post

  1. danielle hammelef

    While You Were Sleeping is my favorite movie of all time. I watch it every year and still swoon. I also love Miracle on 34th Street as it always makes me think magic does really exist.