Five Upcoming Books I Need Help Deciding On

Posted February 4, 2019 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 23 Comments

So… sometimes I come up with topics and then realize they’re hard. lol. That happened this week, hence the 5 picks instead of my usual 10! This week’s topic is about the upcoming releases that I’m not sure if I actually want to read or not. I’ve received them for review and I’m just not sure if they’re my kind of book or not. Am I wrong? Do they sound good? Have you heard good things about them? Has anyone read an early copy and can tell me if they’re good? I need help deciding on them!

The Bride Test by Helen HoangI did not like The Kiss Quotient. Like, not at all. This one sounds like it could be good, but I worry that I’m going to feel like I did with Hoang’s other book.

Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey – From what I can tell, this author writes mostly erotica (which I don’t read). Have a been fooled by the cutesey cover? It sounds like so much fun, but erotica is not my thing at all.

One Summer In Paris by Sarah Morgan – I love Sarah Morgan, but really do not like women’s fiction at ALL. I need my romance and my swoons. I don’t enjoy family/personal drama with no romance. This one’s hard.

The Lost History of Dreams by Kris Waldherr – I love Gothic fiction, and this one sounds amazing. I’m worried, though, that it’ll be too creepy for me! There’s a fine line between eerie and so-scary-I-might-die for me.

Woman 99 by Greer Macallister – I’m starting to really enjoy historical mysteries, and this one sounds interesting. Asylum type books tend to upset me, though, so I don’t know…

What books are on your radar, but you’re just not sure you’re interested in them yet?
What books are getting a lot of pre-pub hype, but you’re still iffy about?
Can you help me make a decision on any of my picks?


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23 responses to “Five Upcoming Books I Need Help Deciding On

  1. Despite all the hype I’ve seen for “The Kiss Quotient,” I haven’t picked it up because it doesn’t seem like a “me” read. I mean, I do love contemporary romance, but this one? Yeah, it just doesn’t sound like it’s a good fit. I know what you mean about deciding whether or not to read something, but I’m trying to teach myself to read the genres (or authors) I know and trust, because there’s too many books, and I don’t think it’s necessary to spend time on something you just aren’t enjoying. :)

    Oh, and also, I think this topic is super fun, Jana. :)
    Rissi recently posted…8 New Releases I’m On the Fence About | Top Ten Tuesday

  2. I’ve heard reviews that The Bride Test is The Kiss Quotient but MORE, with a spin. Haven’t read it, not my genre so much, but I’d wait for comparisons to TKQ at least, go with your gut. The Lost History of Dreams jumped out at me, I need a gothic novel for my 2019 Bookish Jay and Reading Mermaid Challenge, might check it out.
    My Top 10:
    Jay @The Scented Library recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Upcoming Releases I’m on the fence about: help me decide

  3. I’ve seen these books around and considered them, but felt I probably wouldn’t read them so I’m not much help to you. I used to really enjoy Sarah Morgan’s books when I was reading romance, but don’t read them now. Since this is women’s fiction which I do read sometimes I might go and take a look at it!

    And this was a hard topic for me, too!

  4. I can’t really help you, since I haven’t read any of these, and the only author I’ve read is Huang. (I DNF’d The Kiss Quotient.) I totally understand your apprehension about The Lost History of Dreams. My personal threshold for “too dark/scary/creepy for me” is pretty low, so there are often books that other people love that I just steer clear of.
    Lark @ The Bookwyrm’s Hoard recently posted…Upcoming New Releases I’m On the Fence About

  5. I adored TKQ, so I am excited about TBT, and you now have me worried about Fix Her Up. I am hoping for a rom-com there, but I guess I will have to wait and see.

  6. Not sure if this helps, but I can personally vouch THE LOST HISTORY OF DREAMS is darkly romantic with a side of gothic eeriness—think Wuthering Heights meets Penny Dreadful but without violence or gore. And thanks for your interest in reading it! :-)