Christmas In July Gift Exchange Announcement and Sign-Ups

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Hi everyone! We know that during this time we could all use a little extra kindness, magic, and fun! Since Santa is off at the beach sipping fruit punch and getting a tan, he has enlisted our help in spreading a little Christmas magic! So, we are very excited to announce the Christmas in July gift exchange!

Below you will find all event info, including the rules for the exchange, sign up directions, and a questionnaire so the person shopping for you can get to know you better. PLEASE read through this entire post thoroughly before deciding if this event is right for you. 

The Details:

  • Sign ups are open until 11:59 PM EDT on June 17th and I will be sending matches out on June 18th. I’m hoping to give you as much time as possible to gather your goodies for your recipient!
  • This event is open to residents of the USA ONLY. With each country having different rules and plans in place to keep people safe we think this is the best decision. There are so many unknowns, and coordinating internationally would be quite challenging. We’re so sorry to disappoint.
  • This is a commitment. Please only sign-up if you are committed to sending off your gift(s) on time.
  • What you sign up to send is what you will receive. I will be grouping people up based on box type and monetary tier so that everything is fair.
  • Shipping does not count towards the monetary value of the gift.
  • You must be 18 years old or older to participate.
  • Please note that this is not a swap. The person who will be sending to you is not the same person you will be sending to.
  • The event hashtag is #GiftmasInJuly. Please use it lots because the friendships that form around events like there are the best!

If you have any questions or concerns before or during this process, please reach out! You can simply write to or DM one of us on Twitter (@ArtsyReaderGirl and @BrookeWorm33).

The Box Types and Monetary Tiers:

Digital ONLY Box: This box includes ONLY digital gifts. Audiobooks, ebooks, digital albums/movies, e-gift cards, etc. Since this option does not include any physical mail (and, therefore, no enclosed note or card), please email your recipient a note to go along with the gifts you’re sending them. Please do this after you’ve sent them all you’re planning to send, so they know they’ve received everything.

  • Digital Tier 1: $10-$15
  • Digital Tier 2: $15-$20
  • Digital Tier 3: $20+

Mixed Box: This box includes the option to send both digital (ebooks, audiobooks, egift cards, etc.) and physical items shipped DIRECTLY from retailers (amazon, book depository, Barnes & Noble, book outlet, Society6, etsy,, etc.). Digital items are not required if they do not apply to your recipient. Since this option does not include any mail sent directly by you (for example, no notes or cards), please email your recipient a note to go along with the gifts you’re sending them. This allows them to respond/thank you. 

  • Mixed Tier 1: $10-$15 (excluding any shipping costs)
  • Mixed Tier 2: $15-$20 (excluding any shipping costs)
  • Mixed Tier 3: $20+ (excluding any shipping costs)

Curated box: This box is basically a traditional gift swap box (like OTSPSecretSister and TBTBSANTA). You will put together a physical box of goodies (along with a note to reveal yourself), preferably wrapped, and send it directly to your recipient. 

  • Curated Tier 1: $10-$15 (excluding any shipping costs)
  • Curated Tier 2: $15-$20 (excluding any shipping costs)
  • Curated Tier 3: $20+ (excluding any shipping costs)

Signing Up:

Please send the following completed questionnaire to The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for your sender to spoil you! (Please do not attach a Word (or other) document to the email. Instead, please paste your answers directly into the body of your sign-up email.) 

1. Box Type and Tier:

a. Digital Tier 1: $10-$15
b. Digital Tier 2: $15-$20
c. Digital Tier 3: $20+
d. Mixed Tier 1: $10-$15 (excluding any shipping costs)
e. Mixed Tier 2: $15-$20 (excluding any shipping costs)
f. Mixed Tier 3: $20+ (excluding any shipping costs)
g. Curated Tier 1: $10-$15 (excluding any shipping costs)
h. Curated Tier 2: $15-$20 (excluding any shipping costs)
i. Curated Tier 3: $20+ (excluding any shipping costs)

2. Do you live in the USA? This event is only open to residents of the USA (even the digital-only box type).

3. Name, mailing address, and email address (if you’re signing up for the digital tier, do not include your mailing address. The email address you include must be the one you will be receiving digital gifts to, if applicable. It will also be the one you’ll receive a note from your sender, if applicable.):

4. Are you 18 years old or older?

5. Where can we find you online? (Blog URL, Insta/Twitter handles, etc. You must be active on social media to participate.):

6. Your wish list(s) (Please provide links to any wish lists you have. If you don’t have an online wishlist, please make one. It’s much easier than listing out what you’d like here. These wish lists must remain exclusive to the Christmas In July Gift Exchange until you’ve received your gifts.)

7. Tell us about your digital preferences. (Do you have an e-reader? Which one? Would you enjoy getting an Audible credit? Do you want any online subscriptions or gift memberships? Where do you prefer getting MP3 albums from? If you’re not a digital person, explain that here.)

8. How do you practice self care? Tell us about the things you do that make you happy.

9. What do you collect?

10. What are some of your favorite genres/authors?

11. What won’t you read?

12. What fandoms do you belong to?

13. What are you always in need of?

14. What are your favorite things?

15. Do you have any allergies? What can’t you receive?

16. Tell us anything else we need to know about you that was not covered by the questions above.

17. Please provide the contact information (twitter handle and/or email) of 1-2 buddies that your sender can contact with questions about you or information they need relayed to you. (This person does not need to know you well, they just need to be willing to be the go-between between you and the person sending to you. If you have nobody to ask, post to the event hashtag and ask for a volunteer.)

Things to Do:

  • Please send your digital, mixed, or curated box by Monday, July 27th at the absolute latest.
  • Once you’ve sent all of your gifts, please email us ( any pertinent information. This can include tracking numbers, screenshots of online orders, etc. We just want proof of purchase/sending to ensure that if things get lost we know you fulfilled your commitment. Please send just one email with ALL gift information.
  • Once you receive ALL your Christmas in July gifts, please email us to let us know! A simple, “I got my gifts and my sender wrote to me!” email is enough.
  • Be sure to thank your sender in some way, whether through social media or email.
  • Please utilize the event hashtag #GiftmasInJuly to ask questions, post hints, share in your shopping/gifting/receiving/sending process! Show us what you got! This makes the event so much fun!


Gift Giving Guidelines:

Please keep in mind that ARCs, swag, and shipping DO NOT count towards the monetary value of the gift

Due to everything going on in the world right now, please do not send homemade food items. Pre-packaged, store-bought foods are fine (and encouraged!). 

Be thoughtful! You don’t have to stick to a person’s wish list at all, but please pay attention to their questionnaire answers and send your recipient things you think they’d like.

Have so much fun shopping and spreading some holiday magic during this crazy time in the world!
Any questions? Ask in a comment below so you can help others. :)

The palm trees in the event logo were created by photographeeasia at The rest of the design was created by Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl.


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