Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

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Before I begin, I’d like to ask you to please excuse any typos you might find in this post. I have a cat laying across my hands as I type, and he is demanding attention. He keeps putting his paw on my laptop’s touch pad and pressing keys. It’s adorable and frustrating! Anyway… today’s TTT gives you lots of flexibility to write about basically anything you’d like: “Reasons Why I Love [insert your favorite book title, genre, author, etc. here]”. I’ve fallen in love with audiobooks lately, so that’s what I’ve decided to post about!

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1. I can read any time ever! I can read while I’m in the shower, while I’m doing my hair and makeup, while I’m driving somewhere, while I’m working out, etc. I can even read when I’ve got a horrible headache and must lay in the dark with my eyes closed. Oh, and my cat here would like me to add that handless reading is his favorite because then he gets double the pets.

2. So, by extension, audiobooks allow me to read MORE books overall!

3. The narrators! It took me a while, but I have found some narrators I LOVE. Good narration can make a book even more exciting, suspenseful, romantic, funny, etc. They bring the characters and the stories to life. And if a favorite narrator is reading a book by a favorite author, you’re doubly winning!

4. Full cast narrators. Sometimes there’s a duet or trio of narrators that rotate reading chapters, but I just finished Birthday Suit by Lauren Blakely last night, which had 5-6 narrators and it was SO MUCH FUN! Every character had their own narrator, and these narrators read the lines for their individual character every time the character spoke. It felt like an episode of Friends. They laughed when their character did, they sounded sarcastic when they were supposed to… I just loved it so much.

5. Music and sound effects can be added! I’ve listened to a few books that included music and sound effects before, which is very fun. The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater even included music composed by Maggie herself!

6. This is how I read classics, because a good narrator can make a heavier or less action-packed novel completely bingeworthy. I’ve been working my way through the Sherlock Holmes books, and I just found Jane Eyre read by Thandie Newton on Audible’s free stories for kids (a limited time offer due to COVID-19) that I really want to listen to. The sample sounds amazing!

7. This is also how I re-read my favorite books. I have so many books to read and so many that I want to be reading, that sometimes I feel guilty re-reading my favorites or refreshing my memory on previous books in a series before starting the next one. Audiobooks are bonus books for me because I’m always reading one or two physical books in addition. I also think it’s fun to rediscover my favorites or see them in a new light by listening to them the second time around. It makes an old-to-me story feel new again.

8. I find audiobooks to be very soothing and comforting. Who doesn’t love being read to? I think it’s so relaxing.

9. Scary books are made less scary when there’s a voice in your room instead of quiet stillness. If I’ve got someone reading to me and there’s a particularly creepy moment in the story, I’m listening to the narrator instead of the creeks in my settling house or the wind brushing a branch across my window.

10. I think listening to audiobooks and being able to grasp what you’re hearing is a great skill to have. I was a crummy audiobook listener when I first started listening to them, and it took a lot of practice and determination for me to learn how focus on the story (especially while doing other things). I had to zero in on the book instead of letting my mind wander, and I honestly think I’m a better listener than I used to be.

Do you love audiobooks, too? Why or why not?
What topic did you choose for this week’s TTT?


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32 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Audiobooks

  1. I’m so jealous of people who can actually read audiobooks! Whenever I’ve tried, the information goes in one ear and out the other, but I also can’t really process when people read things out loud to me either. I wound up writing my post on why I love fantasy.

  2. How lovely. For me, listening to an audiobook is almost as watching a (usually bad) movie they made from my favourite novels. I have never “learned” to concentrate on the spoken word as much as on the written. Also in real life, I am a very visual person. Explain something to me and I have no idea what you are talking about, show it to me and I know what you mean.

    Anyway, I love Nobel Prize readers and that’s what my post is about today.

    Happy reading and listening.

  3. I think you’ve totally convinced me to try some more audiobooks. I have only a couple and the ones I have are a bit hard to get through, but as you say, it takes practice. I love that audiobooks allow me to read when I’m doing other things.
    Astrid recently posted…Normal

  4. I really wish I could get into audio books, I could get so much more ‘reading’ done that way. I’m English and most of the books I’ve tried listening to are narrated by american males, their voice is so far from my “in head” voice that I just can’t concentrate on the story.

  5. Audiobooks have become an essential part of my reading experience. I started listening during my hour long commute each day. Now my commute is much shorter, but I still work in listening to them during my morning workouts and when I cook!
    Ethan recently posted…Sea Wife by Amity Gaige

  6. I keep meaning to try audiobooks and have had some on the “to do” list forever, but I still haven’t quite managed to make the leap. I find it somewhat hard to concentrate on the book when just listening to audio and have mostly ended up reading along with the written text on the few occasions I did try audiobooks. I definitely still need to try more, especially because of your reasons #3 and #4… so many awesome people reading awesome books!
    Petra recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Reasons Why I Love “Pride and Prejudice”

  7. I love audiobooks, too! They’re great to listen to while doing chores. And I love a full cast, although I don’t see a ton of those. And yes, totally true about using audiobooks for rereads, totally a different experience!

  8. I too have recently been rereading a book (CIty of Bones) as an audiobook this time and it’s so fun.! I’m also going to give horror reading through an audiobook a try! Great list.!!

  9. I absolutely agree with you that audiobooks are very conveniient to listen to, and it helps to save lots of time and to read many more books. I also like ‘reading’ audiobooks but there are some significant cons of it:
    1) If you don’t get anything, it’s usually not convenient to cut back.
    2) When it comes to classics, I always want to have it in hard cover so I can read it again or give it to my grandchildren.