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I’m Featured in the YA Magazine, WovenMyst Today!

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Hello! Today, I’m over at the young adult magazine, WovenMyst. I’m one of their bloggers, and they interviewed me a few weeks ago. I really like this magazine, and am excited to be a part of it! Go check it out!(Click Here) is a Young Adult online magazine about everything young adult novels. We bring our readers the latest reviews, the hottest book covers, and amazing interviews with everyone involved in creating a young adult book.’s goal is to make reading fashionable. We want to intertwine literature and the art that’s involved in creating it. We first and foremost focus on the books and their authors, but we never forget about Narrators, Cover Photographers, Publicists, and Publishers. The process is where the magic happens and that’s what we want our readers to experience.
The WovenMyst team consists of young fresh minds. We are artists, writers, and teachers. We strive to be different and we will excel in taking book publicity into a new dimension.

Book Tag! I’m It!

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Hello! So, here I am to participate in the Book Tag meme, thanks to Julia from The Competitive Bibliomaniac! This is a fun meme because it will help all of us get to know one another. And maybe you’ll find a new blog to follow. :) Julia has left me with some fun questions to answer, so let’s get started!

When/Why did you start book blogging?
I started book blogging with the girls at The Broke and The Bookish way back when it started in June of 2010. I formed this blog in November of 2011 so I’d have a more flexible schedule to post book reviews more often. Book blogging totally fell into my lap. Jamie asked the Goodreads College Students group if anyone was interested in starting a blog with her, and I jumped on it. I had no idea a book blogging world existed, nor did I know it was full of so many cool people!

What are some things about your blog (reviews, features, etc.) that you are most proud of?
Well… I really enjoy finding things for my feature, Bookish Finds. I have so much fun showing off the cool things I’ve come across. And I think the blog name is pretty fun and catchy. :)

If you had to invite three characters over for dinner, who would you invite and why?

Sam from Incarnate by Jodi Meadows because I would LOVE to talk with someone who has been alive for forever. I’m sure he has a ton of exciting and interesting stories to tell. Bria from Wanderlove by Kirtsen Hubbard, so she can talk me into going on an amazing trip like she did. St. Claire from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins because he’s hilarious, cute, and I can just imagine his sexy accent.

If you could mandate that everyone read one book, what would it be and why?
Uhh… Wow. I feel like I should be naming some profound classic or controversial banned book. Haha. Really, though, I don’t think I would force anyone to read anything. When I was young, my love of reading vanished because I was forced by my teachers to read books I hated. Everyone connects with books in different ways, sometimes personal. You can’t force learning or force an emotion.

Do you read reviews of books before you read a book (if you know you are going to read it)?
If a good friend wrote the review, then yes. I don’t go looking for them, though, because some people post spoilers! I trust my friends not to spoil anything for me.

Do you judge books by their covers?
Yes I do! I’m that artsy reader girl! I try not to, but I always end up judging books by their covers. Pretty covers grab me. It’s who I am.  It’s usually my opinion that if a book has an awful design, its contents won’t be much better. If the book is drop-dead amazing, then there’s money in the budget to hire a good designer. It’s like having a beautiful baby and wrapping it in a burlap sack. You want to show it off, not hide it.

EReaders vs Books vs Audiobooks: thoughts?
I’ll always love tangible books. I love the covers, the textures, the smell, and the act of turning pages. I’ve run out of room, though, so I bought a Kindle. I LOVE my Kindle. You can find awesome deals on Kindle books, so I own a lot of them. And it saves space, especially while traveling. I can’t concentrate on audiobooks, yet I love the idea of them.

What kind of criteria do you consider when writing a review?
Grammar, spelling, character development, plot development, consistency, use of bad language, writing style, and enjoyability. I also often discuss a character’s behavior, and whether or not I agree with them.

What is your favorite thing about book blogging?
All the awesome friends I’ve made! I’ve found life-long friendships in many of you. :)

What is your favorite genre?
Right now? YA contemporary. Ask me next week if I still feel the same! Haha.


EDIT: Hi again! I was just tagged by Readinista, and she gave me a whole new slew of questions! So I’m going to update and add hers in under Julia’s. So fun!!

1. Why did you start blogging?
Well, I originally started at The Broke and the Bookish. Jamie asked if anyone was interested in starting a blog with her, and I thought it sounded like fun! I never knew about the book blogging realm of the blogosphere, so I was excited to jump in and do something new. I started That Artsy Reader Girl a year and a half later so I could post reviews more frequently.

2. On average, how many books do you read in a month?
About 9, which is a huge deal for me!

3. When do you read? (At night, during the day, commuting to work, etc)
I mostly read at night after the family has gone to bed. So, from about 9:30 until sometime after midnight I get to read!

4. Do you have a favorite spot to read at home or do you read anywhere and everywhere?
I’ll read anywhere, as long as I have a book with me. My Kindle is always tucked in my purse if I know I’m going to be out and about with some free time on my hands. Mostly, though, I end up reading in bed or in the comfy recliner in my room.

5. How frequently do you check your blog statistics? Do you check them everyday or do you not care about the number of hits on your site?
I check maybe once a week. Everything is still so new at this blog, and I’m trying to figure out what works the best for my blog, and how people are finding me.

6. Do you ever get tired of being a book blogger?
If I read too many review books that I don’t like in a row, I do start to get tired of it. Sometimes I miss the days when I could not finish a book and not feel guilty for it. But really, book blogging has become a very addictive hobby for me and I love it. I’d never stop!

7. If you could live in a fictional world, what book world would you choose?
That’s hard! I read a lot of dystopia, with worlds gone wrong… and a lot of contemporary worlds that are just like mine! I think I’d combine elements of several. Like, I love the fairy world in Aprilynne Pike’s Wings series, and I love the dragon world in Sophie Jordan’s Firelight series. I think I’d really just enjoy a world with more paranormal creatures. :)

8. What fictional book characters do you most relate to or would like to be friends with?
I really like Bria from Wanderlove. She’s a traveler at heart, and I’d love to go on a spontaneous trip to anywhere with her. I know we’d get along. And Anna from Anna and the French Kiss also seems like someone I’d have fun sitting in a cafe with and gabbing over French pastries and hot chocolate.

9. Other than reading and blogging what do you do for fun?
Well, I have this really awful addiction to shopping. I don’t care what I’m shopping for, but I love it! Mostly, though, jewelry, purses, and shoes are my favorites. And I love singing a lot. I’m also a graphic designer, so I love designing things… and I love doing puzzles, watching movies, traveling (traveling is my favorite!), bowling, game nights (like board games), and hanging out with my friends and family.

10. Do your family and friends understand your reading and blogging hobbies or are they planning an intervention?
My mom and dad are happy I have a worthwhile hobby, but they definitely get frustrated sometimes that I’m always reading or blogging! And most of my friends don’t know about my secret other life as a blogger, just because they wouldn’t understand. The few who do, actually think it’s really cool that I’m so into all of this.

11. Freebie question – You choose what question you would like to answer (Yes I know this a cop out)
What book should be made into a movie? – Firelight by Sophie Jordan. I’d love to see those dragons come to life, not to mention the really awesome world they live in!

Thanks for tagging me, Readinista! These were fun questions. :)

Bookish Bad Habits

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So, since I’ve been “professionally” reviewing books now for over a year and a half, I’ve come to notice quite a few bookish habits that aren’t necessarily good ones. Haha! As I spent more and more time compiling this list, the more things I noticed! Perhaps in 2012 I can turn some of these habits around. Consider this post a list of my 2012 Bookish New Year’s Resolutions.

– I’m a cover snob.
– All the books in a series must be in the same format. I do not have room for the hardback of Crossed by Ally Condie, but since Matched is hardback I can’t buy the Kindle version of Crossed. This is a curse.
– I spend too much time looking at how far along I am in a book, and how much I have left to read. I should just enjoy the ride and quit worrying about whether or not the book is too long or too short.
I can’t take a break from a book until I’m at a chapter break. That sucks if I’m exhausted and in the middle of a REALLY long chapter. I end up not even remembering some things because of this.
– I don’t give myself enough time to reflect on a book before I start a new one.
– Sometimes I wait months to write a review, which makes it REALLY hard. I need to start writing it the next day.
– I accept too many books to review at a time, and spend weeks reading books that are planned out. Sometimes I like to be spontaneous in my reading choices and grab a book off the shelf because it’s what I want at that very moment.
– Sometimes I judge a book too quickly, and it taints my opinion of the book before I’ve given it a chance.
– If I don’t like a book, I still make myself finish it. I need to learn that it’s ok to abandon a book for good. Reading is not a job, and I can quit anytime I want to without penalty.
– Sometimes I read too fast and don’t take the time to savor a book. This happens with books I have been anticipating for a LONG time.
– I buy more books, even though I have stacks of unread ones. I need to read what I have first!
– I stay up way too late, and end up reading the ending of a book when I’m so tired that I barely remember it.
– I have a hard time being objective if a book discusses or is centered around something I totally disagree with.
– If I get tired of a book, I set it aside and start something new. I always plan to return to the other one, but I rarely do. I’ve got 3-4 books I’m partway through that are just waiting to be finished, but now I can’t remember them!
– If I don’t read a book pretty soon after buying it, it gets mixed in with my other unreads and gets forgotten. I really should make up a list and read in that order. But again, that takes my spontaneity away from me.
– OH. If I really want to read a book, but don’t know what, I’ll go to my shelves and look for something. As I try to decide, sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the MANY choices I have, that I give up and watch a movie instead.

So what about you? Do you share some of these bad habits with me? If so, do you consider them bad ones, or should I be grateful I “suffer” with them? What are some of your bookish bad habits, and goals for 2012? Please leave a link to your blog post, and I’ll come visit you! Or comment here and join the discussion!