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To My Secret Sister #2

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I just thought I’d take a moment or two to thank my secret sister and address some questions she had for me in her letter(s)!

Hi Sis!

It’s been a little while since I wrote to you, and I wanted to thank you again for being such a sweet, thoughtful sister! I have loved the monthly cheer you send me. I had no idea participating in this secret sister project would make my life so much happier, but it has! I really hope we’ll stay the best of friends when July comes to an end. :) Up to this point I’m pretty sure I’ve answered all your questions, but please ask me again if I missed one! You can comment anonymously on this post, you can have a Twitter person ask me, or you can email me through your secret email address! I don’t want to accidentally ignore you!

I know I wrote you an email and a bunch of tweets since my first blog post to you, but I just HAD to line up all the pictures of what you’ve given me since and thank you properly now that I’ve got the time.





Wooooow! And these pics don’t include the Kindle books you’ve sent me either. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. :) The Oreos and chocolate disappeared very quickly. Jolly Ranchers are awesome road trip candy, so I’m bringing these on my girls trip to Las Vegas next week! All Fall Down is a book I have wanted SO BADLY since I found out about it! Same with The Royal We. Marry Poppins sits on my bookshelf, and she is so cute! And I kid you not, I have been listening to The Wanted almost every day while I do my hair for about a month now. That journal is so cute, and I’ll be filling it up using my colorful pens in not time!Thanks for sending me Tessa Dare’s book for my birthday! I’ve really gotten into her books all of a sudden, and I was just talking to a friend about this series when you sent it to me! Perfect timing. :)

To answer your most recent letter, yes! May was CRAZY! I was gone for the entire month, and I left town before the semester was over! So I was going crazy trying to get my assignments done early, packing for a month, scheduling blog posts, and getting loose ends tied up here for the Debut Author Challenge before I left. You sound like you were crazy busy too! I did notice the change in address, so I assumed you had gone home for the summer. Congrats on the new job! You found one quickly! I can’t wait for your big reveal! I’ve tried and tried to figure out who you are, but to no avail. lol. Have we talked any? Do I KNOW you!? Haha. I’m going nuts, but it’s so much fun!

Well! Thanks again! I hope you’re enjoying your summer and your new job (what are you doing?). When does school start back up for you? August 17th for me, and it’s coming way too fast. :( I’m fine with getting rid of the hot weather (it’s been in the 100’s for over a week now), but I don’t want to give up my freedom!

Talk to you soon!


To My Secret Sister #1

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I just thought I’d take a moment or two to thank my secret sister and address some questions she had for me in her letter(s)!

#OTSPSecretSister is a 6-month cheer club hosted by The Book Addict’s Guide, Books Take You Places, and Tripping Over Books. I’ve got a secret sister, and I am a secret sister for someone else! The goal is to spread happiness. :)

Hi Sis! (Pretend I’m waving at you!)

First of all, I’m having so much fun with you even though I don’t know who you are yet! I can tell you know me very well, though, and it means so much to know you’re out there somewhere looking out for me and boosting me up when I’m not feeling great, or when I’m stressed out with school! Thanks so much for your generosity and your thoughtful notes. I can’t stress enough how much happiness you’ve brought my way so far!

In your first card to me at the very end of January, you said some of the sweetest things ever! I actually go back and read your card when I’m feeling down. I’m excited that we have so much in common, and that some of my wish list items are books you love! We military brats are pretty awesome people, and the fact that you love old movies too makes me wishing I could invite you over for an oldies marathon! And seriously… your handwriting is just fine! :)

Thanks so much for the Valentine, and for the copy of Nearly a Lady! I’ve heard amazing things about this book, and I cannot wait to read it! I hugged my kitties lots that day and watched a fun old movie: Hello Down There. Have you seen it? It’s one of the silliest, cheesiest movies I’ve seen in a long time, but it was so much fun!


I loved the February package you sent me! It was actually snowing the weekend this arrived, so I slipped those slippers on my feet and fell in love immediately! They are SO cozy! Seriously, you should get some if you don’t have any. They are amazing. We’ve had a super mild winter here overall. Usually there is snow on the ground from October to April (and sometimes it snows in May), but it only snowed on Christmas morning and then again at the end of February. I’m so disappointed! I love snow and winter, so 60 degrees in March is just not fair. Haha. You asked me my favorite season… this is tricky. I love all the seasons, but get tired of them from time to time. My favorites are fall and winter, though, unless I’m in school. Then I crave summer break. Hehe.

I am SO excited to read Graceling! All of a sudden I’m hearing a ton of wonderful things about it, so thank you! And thanks for The Shadow of the Wind! You were worried that it disappeared off my wish list, but don’t worry! I’ve been waffling on it, a little worried I would not love it, but your personal endorsement has me sold and I can’t wait to read it! I absolutely adore the scarf, and got so many compliments when I wore it to church the next day. Many have asked where you got it. :) Finally, the bookmark was adorable. I did go to Korea as a baby, so I did not get any souvenirs. This is perfect, and I love it! :) You mentioned you’re not very good at picking out gifts, but I could not have been more happy with what you’ve sent me!

And thank you for The Girl on the Train! Life was super hard for me last week, and it made me smile to receive such a thoughtful gift in my email. I love mysteries and thrillers, and have heard this one is amazing!

I feel super spoiled and super cared about, so thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out who you are, but I haven’t even got a clue! And that’s fine. :) Keep the mystery as long as you want, because it is so much fun! Hope your semester is going well. :) <3


Happy 2015!

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Happy New Year! I’ve got high hopes for 2015, and I hope you do too! I love the idea of a clean slate, a chance to start over and make improvements. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions because my goals for life never really change. But I do have a strong resolve to make myself a better person this year, and I’m excited to see what happens! School is starting up again on January 12th, I’ve got a fun vacation coming up this summer, and lots of other little things in between! I hope you have a wonderful 2015!

Merry Christmas!

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Can you believe Christmas is finally here? I feel like the entire holiday season just flew by. I hope you have a wonderful day with your friends and loved ones, full of food, books, giving, and laughter. The blog is going to be pretty slow until the new year, as I am spending time with my family and getting the 2015 Debut Author Challenge ready to go! Make sure you sign up if you haven’t! Merry Christmas!

Perry Como’s ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

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I think Perry Como was a pretty charming guy, don’t you? I love his voice, both singing and speaking. So what better way to gear ourselves up for the excitement of Christmas tomorrow, than to listen to him read the classic Christmas tale, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas? I could not resist sharing this magical video, where Perry’s voice is accompanied by cute images from an old version of the book. Curl up in the warm light of your Christmas tree, grab some hot chocolate, and enjoy! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow with your loved ones, wherever you are. :) Sleep well!

The 3rd Annual Bookish Little Christmas with That Artsy Reader Girl!

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BookishLittleChristmas2014December has arrived, and That Artsy Reader Girl has donned her Santa hat in celebration of the most wonderful time of the year! I’m SO excited that it’s officially Christmas time! You know how much I love this time of year. We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend, and I’m going to start baking cookies as soon as I finish up these last few things for the semester’s end. I’m up to my eyeballs in fun Christmas reads, and I just bought a bunch of new movies! I’m going to have SO much fun, and I hope you’ll sit and stay a while!

Throughout the entire month of December, I will be sharing Christmas book reviews, giveaways, features, and guest posts from authors and my friends! Grab yourself some hot cocoa, and get ready for a fun and festive month here on the blog!

Would you like to participate? I’ve always got room for more friends! Just let me know, and I will fit you into the schedule. :) And be sure to send me links of any Christmas posts you come across (or write yourself). I’d be happy to help spread the word, or just come and bring some Christmas cheer. And I hope YOU will stop by lots this month, mainly because I love your face, but also because it’s going to be so much fun and I’d hate for you to miss out!

Happy Halloween 2014 – Bookish Jack o’Lanterns

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Happy Halloween! I don’t have any special plans this year, other than reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and eating candy. I didn’t even carve a jack-o-lantern this year! But if I did, I would have wanted to do one of these.










Did you carve any jack o’lanterns this year? What fun plans do you have tonight?

Bout of Books 10 – Goals

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Bout of BooksI’m so excited to be officially participating in Bout of Books this week! I’ve always wondered what this Bout of Books thing is, and then I came across a couple blogs with goals posted, read a little about it, and found out it starts Monday! Now that school’s done, I can totally do this! It should be a lot of fun!

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda @ On a Book Bender and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, May 12th and runs through Sunday, May 18th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure, and the only reading competition is between you and your usual number of books read in a week. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 10 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

Books I want to read this week:

1. How to Meet Boys by Catherine Clark
2. Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
3. Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend by Katie Finn
4. The Art of Lainey by Paula Stokes

Additional goals for the week:

  • Learn the ins and outs of how this read-a-thon works!
  • Make some new blogging friends!
  • Tackle my massive review pile.
  • Get out of my reading slump, because I am dying.
  • Participate in two or three challenges.

Read-A-Thon Progress:

Monday – 5/12 – (This is the day my dad had a heart attack.)
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore
Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 9

Tuesday – 5/13 – (Dad still in hospital, had surgery for artery blockage.)
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore
Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 155

Wednesday – 5/14 (Dad home.)
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore
Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 155

Thursday – 5/15
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore
Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 177

Friday – 5/16
Books Finished Today: What is Hidden by Lauren Skidmore
Currently Reading: Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson
Total Books Read: 1
Total Pages Read: 280

Saturday – 5/17
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: Catch a Falling Star by Kim Culbertson
Total Books Read: 1
Total Pages Read: 280

Sunday – 5/18
Books Finished Today: 0
Currently Reading: Carrier by Vanessa Garden (Set aside Catch a Falling Star for another time)
Total Books Read: 0
Total Pages Read: 310

End-of-Week Wrap-up: 5/19/14

Well… I failed Bout of Books. I mean, if you take my last month of reading into account, one book for the week is really good for me! So in that respect, I did do well! It was a crazy week and I was just not feeling the book I tried to focus on. I should have just set it aside sooner. Catch a Falling Star is very cute, but apparently not what I was in the mood for. I’ll finish it next month hopefully. Carrier is very good, so I’m doing better with reading now! Next Bout of Books, I’ll make sure not to set my goals too high and to remember I’m just out to have fun.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter! Sundays are the only days I don’t do school work, no matter what, so I finally get a bit of a break today to go to church and spend time having fun with my family!

What are you going to be up to today? Business as usual, or are you doing anything special? Whatever it is, I hope you have a lovely day!

Epic Recs: April 2014

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epicrecslogo1Hosted by Paper Riot

Last month Racquel recommended I read What I Did for a Duke by Julie Anne Long because she felt I needed a little historical romance in my life. She was SO right! I really, really loved this incredibly romantic romance, and cannot wait to get my hands on the other books in the Pennyroyal Green series. Check out my review of What I Did for a Duke here for a more in depth discussion on what I loved! My recommendation for Racquel was Degrees of Wrong by Anna Scarlett, which she really enjoyed! I was so happy to hear that. :) March was a success! I’m excited to move on to April’s recommendation, which I am really excited about!

EpicRecsApril2014Just the Sexiest Man Alive has been on my wishlist for a very long time! When it went on sale for a few days last month, I snatched it up. Just a couple days later, Racquel posed the idea to me, and I was so excited that she loves this book! Based on her other recommendations, I have a feeling I will love this one too. I can’t wait!

When I found out Racquel had not read Incarnate by Jodi Meadows yet, I squealed with excitement and recommended it immediately. I love, love, love this series so much and am so excited to see what she thinks of it! I hope she loves it, even though she’s not the biggest fan of books with fantasy elements.

Have you read Just the Sexiest Man Alive? Will I like it?What about my rec for Racquel? I don’t know about you, but I am SO excited for her to read it!

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