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Cross Country Christmas by Tiffany King | Mini Book Review

Posted December 19, 2013 by Jana in Book Review, New Adult / 2 Comments

Cross Country Christmas by Tiffany King | Mini Book ReviewCross Country Christmas by Tiffany King
Published by AT Publishing LLC on November 1, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Holiday - Christmas, Romance
Pages: 162
Format: eBook
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4 Stars

With the holiday season upon her, Jamie Foster is once again stressed about making her yearly visit back home to Woodfalls, still single. Fate intervenes in the form of Grant Johnson, a boy she grew up with, who catches the same flight while returning home from a business trip.

When a malfunction sends their plane crashing down on the runway upon takeoff, Jamie and Grant decide to rent a car and make the nine-hundred-mile drive home together. Ironically for them, anything that can go wrong does as they face one hysterical hurdle after another.

Christmas may finally bring Jamie the gift of love she has always wanted if she and Grant can manage to overcome a few obstacles along the way. Ho-ho-ho!

I really love a good road trip story, so when I discovered that this is both a Christmas book and a road trip book, I got very excited! I also love serendipitous moments in romance novels, when two characters end up in just the right place at the right time. This is exactly what happens to Jamie and Grant, when they happen upon each other in the airport and miraculously end up sitting next to each other on their flight home for Christmas. After years apart, they revert right back to their twitterpated high school selves.

Jamie is this quirky accident-prone girl who has always had a thing for Grant. Of course, Grant has a thing for her as well and has no idea how to show it to her. As she falls all over the place and sticks her foot in her mouth, he teases her like a schoolboy. It was refreshing to see a couple that don’t quite have it all together. They seemed very real to me. I enjoyed their conversations as they sat cooped up in an extremely tiny car, driving the 900 miles home after their plane crashed on the runway. Bad luck followed them everywhere they went, which I feel brought out the best in them both.

I loved the festive mood this book created! The scenery, the people they meet, and the things they learn… plus the sweet romance just made me smile. I definitely recommend you grab yourself a copy of Cross Country Christmas. It’s a quick, sweet read with a little steam and a lot of heart.

4 Stars