Books for Christmas!?!

Posted December 21, 2013 by Jana in Bookish Little Christmas / 17 Comments

I watched this probably three times, because it is hilarious! I was not always a book lover, so I understand how this kid feels. Books, after all, are not toys.

Unlike him, I hope I get LOTS of books for Christmas! Which ones are you hoping for?

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17 responses to “Books for Christmas!?!

  1. Oh man! Books are my favorite gift. This kid is too funny. We don’t exchange gifts in my family anymore, so no books this year, but I get to buy textbooks in a few weeks which I’m excited about.
    Brianna recently posted…currently: december

  2. Oh WOW… that is hilarious, I am CRYING. Not only is that child adorable, he is absolutely hilarious! I loved books even when I was little, so I can’t relate to it but I felt that way getting clothes… such a let down :P I’ve watched this no less than 5 times already… and I’ve just called my BF in to watch it now! Thanks so much for sharing this Jana!
    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently posted…Excerpt & Giveaway: Positively Mine by Christine Duval

      • I know, they were AWFUL weren’t they lol. I actually found a second part to this video! It’s the next year and they gave the boy books again… amazing reaction! I found it by just going to their main youtube page (haha, I went there so I could favorite it, because I love it that much!).

    • Jana

      Christina, I totally agree. Even three year olds should know how to be grateful. But I also kind of love his brutal honesty. I work with children, and this is just how they are! They have no filter. There’s a follow-up with him a year later, where he gets books for Christmas again and is super excited. He was oblivious to the fact that he had this tantrum a year earlier. :) I hope he laughs about this one day.

    • Jana

      Hehe. I think his parents did explain. I found a video of him on Christmas a year later, and he opened another present that ended up being books. He was SO excited! It’s adorable!

      And I SO know what you mean about wanting books more than ever. I feel like I can’t get enough!