My Review Style

My review style is kind of unique, and sets me apart from other reviewers. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself quickly skimming through extremely long book reviews. In order to accommodate readers like me, my reviews* are numbered lists. Each number coincides with a bolded main point, and then I expound upon each of those main points for people who are in the mood to read all the details. This way you can either quickly skim my review and still get the important parts, or you can read the whole thing! It’s the best of both worlds, really. :)

* Well… most of my reviews. My mini book reviews are already short, so numbered lists are not necessary.  

What my stars mean:

DNF: Did not finish.
1 Star: It was a tough process, but I finished it!
2 Stars: Needed something more. I wasn’t totally on board.
3 Stars: “Meh”. It was just ok.
4 Stars: I’m SO glad I read it.
5 Stars : Loved it. You will too! In some cases, it’s a new gush-worthy favorite!

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9 responses to “My Review Style

  1. Dear Jana,
    We are about to launch our second children’s book in a series about a dashund named Coco that goes on adventures around the world. While visiting exciting places she ends up in a lost and found situation. Our first book took Coco on safari in South Africa and now she has an adventure in Rome. Many more Coco adventures are planned for the future.
    We would love to hear your thoughts on our second book and would like to send you a hardcopy. Please let us know where can we sent it to or if you rather prefer an electronic copy?

    Best regards,
    Hedwige and Vanessa

    • Jana

      I would love to read about Coco’s visit to Rome. Please visit my review policy, which can be found along my blog’s top navigation bar, and email me the book’s details. I will then provide you with my mailing address. Thanks for your interest!

      – Jana

  2. Jennifer

    I think you’re pretty great! :) you inspire me to read a greater variety of books that i never thought i would before. Thank you.