Five Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done Because I Love Books

Posted April 8, 2019 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 13 Comments

This week’s topic (Outrageous Things I’ve Done for the Love of Books) was submitted by Aggie’s Amygdala, and is a pretty daunting topic if I’m being honest! I’ve said it before, though, I’m not just going to select topics based on ones I can easily complete myself! There’s a lot of participants! If the word “outrageous” doesn’t fit your list, then change it! Shocking? Bold? Crazy? The point is to show off our nerdy, bookish badges of honor. Anything goes this week. Now, I’m not one to jump outside of my comfort zone often, so I chose the word “uncharacteristic” to describe my list picks. These are things I normally wouldn’t do.

Started My Own Book Blog
I was never a blogger! I tried personal blogging and whatever, but fell out of love with it. This is honestly the longest hobby I’ve ever had, and that baffles me!

New Moon Midnight Release Party On a School Night
The Twilight series was the first series I really went crazy over. I was not much of a recreational reader since school ruined books for me. Up to that point I never understood the appeal of midnight release parties, but I was SO EXCITED to get New Moon in my hands that I went anyway and was totally exhausted the next day.

Went to ALA Las Vegas with Really Bad Pneumonia
I LOVE attending ALA, so much that pneumonia wasn’t going to keep me away. I sat on everything I could, and I had this pale, cold, clammy sheen to my face the entire time. I was dragging my dead corpse around the convention hall, basically.

Went to Kathryn Purdie’s Burning Glass Launch Party with a Migraine with Aura
Similar to the above, I do bookish things instead of taking care of myself.

I Got Rid of Clothes to Make Room for More Bookshelves
I seriously never thought I’d do something like this, but I got rid of a dresser to get more bookshelves!

What nerdiness is on your list this week?

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13 responses to “Five Uncharacteristic Things I’ve Done Because I Love Books

  1. Yay to starting a blog. Also, I love that you got rid of the clothes for more books. I might be on the verge of needing to get rid of books to make room for literally everything else lol!

  2. Deb Nance at Readerbuzz

    Yes, yes, yes! I love all of these. I’m so sorry to hear that school ruined you for casual reading. I hear that over and over. I’m happy you got your batteries recharged by good books that came your way.

  3. Thanks for considering my suggestion, even if it was a daunting one, and for qualifying “outrageous” into crazy, uncharacteristic, making it more agreeable. Maybe I should have re-worded it “weird bookish habits/things I’ve done only fellow bookworms would understand”, something like that (btw, check this out: Going through others’ responses to the prompt, I am amused that many (me included) consider skipping meals, sleep and classes as outrageous enough. I guess if it’s uncharacteristic of you, then that’s crazy enough. :-)