Top Ten Books I Hope to Read During Summer of 2019

Posted June 24, 2019 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 23 Comments

I’m sure it’s summer somewhere in the USA right now, but in my neck of the woods it’s still 50-60° F everyday. I’m not complaining at all, mind you. I hate the heat, and usually it’s in the 90s-100s by now so I’m loving this. I’m not exactly in the summer mindset right now, though! I love reading light, contemporary reads this time of year along with some romantic suspense and mystery/thriller, and I’ve got a lot on my TBR right now that I’m excited for. I’m looking forward to browsing your lists this week!

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager
I just read his upcoming release (Lock Every Door), and it was amazing! I loved the creepy, atmospheric setting and the wacko characters. This one takes place at a summer camp, and I’m so excited!

Murder List by Julie Garwood
I hear Julie Garwood writes amazing romantic suspense, and I’ve enjoyed her historical romance a lot. This one involves a doctor, which is always fun, and has really good reviews.

On the Corner of Love and Hate by Nina Bocci
Nina Bocci wrote Roman Crazy with Alice Clayton, and I loved it! So when the publisher pitched this solo title to me and said it’s for fans of Christina Lauren, I was sold.

The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams
I’m reading this right now, and it’s fun! Things are a little slow for me at the moment, but I’m thinking it’s going to pick up soon. A group of jocks who get together for a secret book club to read and discuss historical romance novels in an effort to win back the women in their lives is a pretty great storyline!

A Crazy Kind of Love by Mary Ann Marlowe
I’m not usually a fan of rockstars in romance novels. They’re just not for me. But I just read Dating By the Book by Mary, and it’s a new favorite! So I’m interested in reading her other titles.

Beach Wedding Weekend by Rachel Magee
I’m a sucker for Hallmark movies, so of course I’m interested in Hallmark books now! I love books set at weddings. Especially when they include my favorite trope: the fauxmance.

One Summer in Santorini by Sandy Barker
I love books with travel, cruises/ships/boats, and romance. This books has all three!

Bridal Boot Camp by Meg Cabot
This just sounds so fun!

Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
I LOVE Christina Lauren’s more recent novels, and I’m looking forward to reading this series that I’ve heard so much about.

True Gold by Michelle Pace
Romantic suspense set in Alaska. Count me in.

Which books are on your summer TBR?
And do you have any recommendations for really good contemporary romance,
romantic suspense, or thrillers?

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23 responses to “Top Ten Books I Hope to Read During Summer of 2019

  1. I love Riley Sager’s Final Girls and The Last Time I Lied, the latter especially was so darn good, hope you’ll like it too. :) I started Bridal Boot Camp, and didn’t enjoy it unfortunately, which BROKE MY HEART, because I adore Meg Cabot so much. I love the idea behind The Bromance Book Club, and can’t wait to get my hands on it! Great list!
    Veronika @ Wordy and Whimsical recently posted…High Hopes: 10 Books We Think We’ll Adore

  2. It’s summer nine months out of the year here in the Phoenix area. I hate the heat, too, so I spent most of the hot months hibernating inside with the a/c on full blast!

    Looks like you have some fun reads on your list. THE BROMANCE BOOK CLUB sounds especially delightful. I’m going to have to pick that one up soon.

    Happy TTT!

  3. 50s to 60s sounds heavenly to me! Or maybe 60s to low 70s. We just got back from a vacation in northern Minnesota, where the weather was lovely. Now I’m back to Virginia’s heat and humidity.

    Enjoy your summer reading!

  4. Marsha D

    I have a great contemporary romance recommendation for you! My book club recently finished “Behind the Glass” by Kristen Morgen and I absolutely loved it. The book follows Rebecca and Michael who happen to meet at a bookstore café and instantly connect. However, Rebecca’s in a serious relationship with a really good guy and coming from a tumultuous childhood (because of divorce) she is not the type to just “follow her heart” and take a leap. She cuts the interaction short and gets out of the café as fast as she can. The author really makes their interactions feel real and relatable. As a reader I found myself thinking “JUST KISS HIM! BREAK UP WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND! HE’S PERFECT!” buuuut if I put myself in Rebecca’s shoes I might handle the situation similarly. You will root for Rebecca and Michael throughout but it’s a “forbidden” love story that has a lot of depth and complexity. Love is hard work, and I would imagine that true love can’t be easy either. Check out the author’s website and read more about the book here:
    Let me know if you read it!