My Top Ten Favorite Picture Books from My Childhood

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We at The Broke & the Bookish did top ten childhood favorites back in 2011 (see my picks here), so this time around I’m limiting my picks to picture books. My parents subscribed to a Parents Magazine children’s book program, so pretty much all of my favorite books came from that collection. Those stories were wonderful, and I’ve spent years buying used copies on Amazon and eBay for my own collection.

Sherlock Chick and the Case of the Night Noises by Robert Quackenbush
Only Sherlock Chick can solve the case of the mysterious loud noises that are awakening the farm animals every night. I have a very old home video of me laying on the floor as a 3ish-year-old reading this book to my baby sister. I loved the entire Sherlock Chick series.

Henry’s Awful Mistake by Robert Quackenbush
Henry the Duck has invited his good friend Clara to his home for, but as he starts preparing the food, he sees an ant in his kitchen. He decides the ant absolutely must go, and by the end Henry is basically homeless. This story cracked me up so much.

The Ghost In Dobbs Diner by Robert Alley
Little scaredy-cat Jana could handle a friendly ghost that pops out of the old green bottle Mr. Dobbs finds in his diner!

No Carrots for Harry! by Jean Langerman
Harry the rabbit wants nothing to do with carrots until he goes to his aunt’s house for dinner. I loved this story, and hate carrots too!

The Old Man and the Afternoon Cat by Michaela Muntean
Proof that a sweet little orange and white tabby can melt even the frostiest of old men.

But No Elephants! by Jerry Smath
A salesman stops by the sell lonely Grandma Tildy an animal, and she’ll take pretty much anything that’s not an elephant.

Elephant Goes to School by Jerry Smath
After seeing some children on their way to school, Elephant decides he wants to go to school too.

Who Put the Pepper In the Pot? by Joanna Cole
Fancy Aunt Tootie is coming for dinner, and everyone adds so much pepper to the pot that it’s kinda… whoa.

Miss Mopp’s Lucky Day by Leslie McGuire
While walking through the woods to deliver her cakes, the unobservant Miss Mopp avoids disaster when the threat of a rain storm makes her remember something she forgot.

The Biggest Shadow In the Zoo by Jack Kent
Goober the Elephant loses his shadow when he falls into a moat, and wonders how he will ever save it.

I don’t know about you, but I REALLY loved this trip down memory lane! 
Did you ever have any Parents Magazine books, or were these before your time?
What are some of your childhood faves, picture book or not?

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24 responses to “My Top Ten Favorite Picture Books from My Childhood

  1. Yes, Henry’s Awful Mistake!! I brought my old copy home from my parents’ house and my son loved it, and we ended up tracking down copies of three other Henry books as well. Most people have never heard of them!

  2. RS

    I went with series books for mine, but your take is such fun (what a cute story about reading to your sister!) that even though I don’t know any of yours, I’ll share 10 of my favorite picture books here:

    1. Animalia – Graeme Base
    2. Our Animal Friends at Maple Hill Farm – Alice & Martin Provenson
    3. Fritz and the Beautiful Horses – Jan Brett
    4. The Unicorn and the Lake – Marianna Mayer
    5. The Mud Pony – Caron Lee Cohen
    6. The Whingdingdilly – Bill Peet
    7. Angus and the Ducks – Marjorie Flack
    8. Make Way for Ducklings – Robert McCloskey
    9. The Velveteen Rabbit
    10. Four Little Kittens (Little Golden Book) – Kathleen Daly

  3. So many cool-looking picture books on this list! See I only got into reading a few years ago so I don’t have any childhood favorites. Instead, I made a list of books I would like to re-read together with my future child, with different reasons for each book. It was so much fun to make!! Thanks for inspiring ideas like this with the Top Ten Tuesday prompts <3 :)
    Nikki @The Night is Dark and Full of Books recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday || Books I want to re-read with my future child