Top Ten Tuesday Link-Up – Cover Redesigns

Posted August 5, 2019 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 13 Comments

I tend to really dislike cover re-designs. It’s not necessarily the designs themselves (although sometimes it is!), but the fact that they’re changed in the first place. lol. As a graphic designer, I just feel that it should be done right the first time and then not messed with again (unless the books are really old and need new designs for whatever reason). A book cover is a book’s brand! It’s how it’s recognized out in the world. So when it gets changed it just makes me mad. lol. BUT. There have been some I like over the years. I wish I could have done this topic, but I’ve been very sick with some flu-like thing for the last week and don’t have the energy to put together my post. I’m sorry! Hopefully I can do some posts on covers soon once I’m better.

Please tell me in the comments what you think of cover redesigns! 
Which have you liked? Which have you hated? Or do you even care? Let’s chat.
I’m sick and need contact with the outside world.

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13 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday Link-Up – Cover Redesigns

  1. I agree with you, cover redesigns shouldn’t be necessary because covers should be done well the first time. Sadly, sometimes this is not the case and we find ourselves with books that have hideous covers or whose covers don’t portray the book’s theme at all. No matter how much we want to deny it, books are judged by their covers. If a cover is terrible for a book, I think the book deserves to get a better-fitting one.
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  2. Aryn

    I don’t mind redesigns if it fits the book better than the first one. Or maybe update/modernize the cover if it’s an older book, and maybe it’ll bring in a new audience. If I was an author who had 20 books out in the world before fame hit, I can guarantee I’d go back and take a look at some of the old covers to see if they still appeal to me or my targeted audience so many years later. Styles change all the time, so why can’t book covers?

  3. I have the exact same opinion about cover art! Thank goodness, because I don’t find anyone else who dislikes them like I do. I am alright with special editions for like 25th anniversaries and such, but otherwise why mess with it? It was likely chosen that way for a reason!
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