The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf (January 2020 Edition)

Posted January 20, 2020 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 33 Comments

I love doing this topic in January, right after the holiday book haul and right at the beginning of the new year when lots of new releases come out! Today I’m highlighting the ten most recent books I’ve either purchased, been gifted, or received for review. I’m not including books I already had e-galleys of and got finished copies for my personal collection. Get excited about all of these! I sure am!

1. One Summer’s Night by Kiley Dunbar
I really, really loved Christmas at Frozen Falls and absolutely had to order Kiley’s first novel.

2. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman
My TBTB Secret Santa sent me this for Christmas this year, and I’m so excited to read it! I love books about bookish characters.

3. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
Also from my TBTB Secret Santa! This one has been on my TBR forever and it sounds really funny.

4. The Girl from Widow Hills by Megan Miranda
I love a good thriller, and I hear Megan Miranda writes some great ones. I was very excited when I got this one for review. (Review copy)

5. Make or Break at the Lighthouse B & B by Portia MacIntosh
Doesn’t this cover just scream leisurely summer day? It looks so perfect. (Review copy)

6. 500 Miles from You by Jenny Colgan
A nurse and an “all-purpose medical man” switch jobs for a time, and communicate back and forth through email about the patients they’ve traded. These emails form a kinship and then I’m thinking a bit of a love story. Sounds fun! (Review copy)

7. The Move by Whitney Dineen
When the heroine is 12, a fortune teller tells her that when she’s 30 a dog will jump over her and her life will change. Weird, right? one day… it happens. I’m intrigued! (Review copy)

8. If I Never Met You by Mhairi McFarlane
I’ve never read a book by this author, but I’ve heard good things! This is a fauxmance played out on social media… sounds awesome. Fauxmances get me weak in the knees. I don’t care about much else when there’s a fake relationship going on! (Review copy)

9. The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
I got the audiobook for Christmas, and I can’t wait to read it! It’s got so much of what I love in the synopsis.

10. Faking It by K. Bromberg
Another fauxmance! I got this one for Christmas. Rich Australian guy makes the heroine miss her job interview because he thinks she’s his dog walker… so he makes it up to her by hiring her to play his girlfriend to help promote his dating website. She has to go on tour with him… sounds like fun to me!

What books have you added to your shelf recently?

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33 responses to “The Ten Most Recent Additions to My Bookshelf (January 2020 Edition)

  1. Two of the absolutely best books I read last year were “The Unhoneymooners” and “The Flatshare” – both recommended by you. So now I come here begging – do you have any more recommendations of that type? Chick-lit has come SO FAR since I last read that genre, and I’m loving it!!

    (I’ve also read “The Hating Game” and liked it well enough, but it wasn’t the same love as with the two others.)

    • Jana

      Oh, that makes me so happy! Thanks for letting me know my recommendations worked for you. :) Let’s see… The Unhoneymooners has comedy and a fake romance, so if you liked that part of it the I’m wholeheartedly recommend I Temporarily Do by Ellie Cahill. It’s one of my favorites. Christina Lauren wrote some other amazing books as well. I loved Josh & Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating and My Favorite Half-Night Stand. If you’re looking for some more heartwarming romance with a little humor, Dating By the Book by Mary Ann Marlowe features bookish characters that I love. I haven’t read Well Met by Jen DeLuca yet, but it’s high up on my list. I hear it’s completely perfect, but I can’t personally vouch for it yet. I think that’s enough for now! I don’t want to weigh you down. lol. But keep an eye here on the blog because I’ve got plans to binge a bunch of fun romances this year and will give you all my thoughts!

      • This is awesome, thanks! Even better, I Temporarily Do is free for Kindle today! So yoink! I’ve added all your suggestions to my list and am looking forward to working my way through it.

        In return I recommend “Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend” by (I think) Bree Livingston. Horrible cover, adorable book. Fake romance, totally cliche and SO cute! Plus, it features a cruise which is always a bonus in my books… no pun intended.

        • Jana

          Thanks for letting me know that I Temporarily Do was free! I forced everyone I know to download it. lol. I hope you enjoy it and the other books I recommended as well. :)

          Thank you for the rec! This book sounds like exactly my thing! And I also LOVE books set on cruises (or on the water in any way). I actually have a shelf on Goodreads of a ton of them! I’ve been adding to it and reading through it for years now. :)

          • I finished “I Temporarily Do” in less than 24 hours and loved it! Thank you!!! I may have to treat myself to one of the other books on your list now.

            Ooooh! I love that you’ve made a shelf like that on goodreads! Thank you for linking to it! I will immediately go add half of them to my own to-read list ;)

  2. Ali

    I didn’t realise Jenny Colgan had a new book coming out. I love her writing. Will be adding it to my tbr.

    I have a feeling I’m going to be adding lots of books this week

  3. I jabe The Bookish Life of Nina Hill on my shelves too. But I got it for my birthday a few months back. Still haven’t read it it it’s one of my anticipated reads.

    I want the new Megan Miranda book. It sounds good, yet I’ve not read anything else by them yet.

    AND I want to nab The Starless Sea and If I Never Met You just popped up on my radar last night.

    Great book list!