Top Ten Book Festivals I’d Love to Go to Someday

Posted July 20, 2020 by Jana in Top Ten Tuesday / 23 Comments

Happy TTT! This week’s topic was submitted by Nandini @ Unputdownable Books and is: Book Events/Festivals I’d Love to Go to Someday (Real or Fictional). In the midst of this pandemic, let us dream and get excited about a future where maybe we won’t have to worry anymore, and will be able to go to fun events again! It was so much fun researching literary festivals for this prompt! I’ve been to ALA twice, so I won’t be counting that one. If available, I’ve linked each pick to the event’s website!

1. Book Expo (USA)
Duh… I think most of us who haven’t been would like to go!

2. Jaipur Literary Festival (India)
This is apparently the largest free book event in the world, and lasts 5 days!

3. Letterature (Italy)
Ok, I’ll take any excuse to go to Italy, but this festival takes place in the Roman Forum and sounds lovely.

4. FLIP (Brazil)
This is literally a bunch of people sitting around in quaint squares, discussing literature until all hours. Is there a romance square?

5. Edinburgh International Book Festival (Scotland)
A tented village of bookishness!

6. The Library of Congress National Book Festival (USA)
“…an annual literary event that brings together best-selling authors and thousands of book fans for author talks, panel discussions, book signings and other activities.” And it’s free!

7. International Agatha Christie Festival (UK)
So much murder! And apparently people dress up in period attire, which sounds like so much fun.

8. Brooklyn Book Festival (USA)
So many authors and publishers gather at the “Literary Marketplace” to share ideas and talk books!

9. Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Stories, & Ideas (USA)
“Booksellers, publishers, museums, theaters as well as literacy and cultural organizations… sell and promote books, distribute related information and/or sell merchandise such as clothing and handmade accessories. Many independent booksellers participating in the festival represent diverse ethnic and cultural communities of Los Angeles, offering books in different languages and genres.”

10. Bay Area Book Festival (USA)
This just sounds like so much fun. “…a world-class literary extravaganza taking place each year over two days in Downtown Berkeley [CA]… our Outdoor Fair, a wonderland of literary vendors, kids’ activities, and family fun, is totally free.”

Which book festivals/events would you like to visit someday?
Do we have any picks in common?

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23 responses to “Top Ten Book Festivals I’d Love to Go to Someday

  1. Anna

    I AM DYING TO GO TO BEA. Back when I blogged in 2010/11 it was all the rage, but they seems to have become less popular amongst bloggers? Or at least I see way fewer wrap up posts and hauls in the last couple of years

  2. I would just love to go to any book festival outside of my country. We in Croatia have Interliber every fall but it is not the same. Dont get me wrong, it is lovely and my favorite time of the year but there are no international authors and no book signings other than croatian authors.

  3. Oh, how could I not have mentioned Book Expo?! I always salivate over other peoples’ posts after they’ve been, showing the books they scored! This is only my third time participating TTT, its fun:-)

  4. Oh, great choices! I’d love to go to the Edinburgh Book Festival — I should have put that on my list. And I didn’t know about the International Agatha Christie Festival; I would be so down for that! The National Book Festival did make my list (I’ve been to it several times), and so did Book Expo (which I haven’t been to.)

  5. I have never gone to any of these, there are a few I would like to attend. This year I was planning on it but then this whole covid craziness happened, so will have to postpone till next year.

    Hope you get to attend all of these.

  6. Hi! I really enjoyed the Top Ten Books That Make Me Smile list last week. Do you think you could do a list focusing on “Top Ten Books With Great Characters?” Or has that already been done?