Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being a Reader and a Book Blogger

Posted February 17, 2014 by Jana in About Me, Top Ten Tuesday / 26 Comments


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at the other blog I write for, The Broke and the Bookish.

This week, we’re getting personal. It’s about time I declared why I love being a reader and book blogger so much, so I am excited about this topic!





I really do love reading, and I love being a book blogger so much! I could have listed 100 reasons for both! I am grateful every day for finding such wonderful hobbies! And all my friends make it a million times better!

Why do you love being a reader and/or a book blogger?

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26 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being a Reader and a Book Blogger

    • Jana

      Thank you, Angie! I love making my graphics. :)

      And you are so right about it being fun to read the books everyone is excited about. It’s like joining a club. :)

  1. Totally agree with you on that blogging introduces you to new books! I probably would not have picked up certain novels {that I now call my favorites} if it weren’t for other bloggers’ rave reviews.

    Great list!

    Bella @ Ciao Bella

    • Jana

      You’re right! It was perfect timing, right after the Love-A-Thon, which was also so much fun. I have loved meeting all you fellow book nerds, and am so happy I always have someone to talk to about books!

  2. Love the graphic! Love the list! I definitely agree with your points, particularly the “I’ve found books I never would have otherwise.” I definitely believe in that statement. There’s so many books I’ve discovered and still am discovering because of blogging.
    Amy M. recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday

    • Jana

      Thank you for complimenting my graphic skills! :) Yes, blogging continually throws new and amazing books in my lap! I love that!

    • Jana

      Thank you!

      And yes, reading is WAY cheaper than traveling. Although… I like doing both at the same time. :P So it’s just all around expensive!

    • Jana

      Hehe. Readers are sexy!

      Yes, meeting people and spreading book love is definitely my favorite part of being a book blogger!

  3. SO many good points! I totally agree with all of them. Being able to talk about books is my all time favourite thing about blogging…whether that’s through my reviews, or with other book bloggers, or with random strangers. Being able play matchmaker for books and people is a really great point and I wish I had thought of it! It carries a lot of pressure though :)
    Kaley @ Books Etc recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Blogging

    • Jana

      Thanks, Kaley! :) Yes, talking books with all you lovelies is my favorite thing about blogging. And you are SO right about book matchmaking carrying a lot of pressure! I always worry the person will not like what I recommended, and then I FAIL. :P

    • Jana

      Thank you! I’m really having fun seeing why everyone else loves reading and blogging. It makes me even more grateful to be both!