Top Ten Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

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Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at the other blog I write for, The Broke and the Bookish.

Today we’re talking all about book wishes. What we’d ask a book genie for regarding anything bookish in life.

1. I want an easy way to organize books into Kindle collections like you can organize songs into playlists on iTunes. My Kindle Keyboard requires me to click on a book, scroll to collections, add it to a few, exit, click on a new book, etc. I just want to get on my computer and drag and drop books into organized collections and then sync it. Please.

2. Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer needs to be written because I said so. I couldn’t care less about this newest Edythe and Beau crap. Give me the book you told me about years ago.

3. A never-ending bookshelf. Like, one bookshelf that goes on and on forever but does not take up more space than one normal bookshelf (maybe it’s really deep?). Or maybe the bookshelf has a door on it that Narnia-style opens up into a magical hidden library that takes up no space because I have no space. Basically, I’m running out of room and this genie needs to fix that for me.

4. I want a library that has an amazing self-cleaning, de-germing technology so that books are not germy cesspools. I know. I’m a librarian with a germ phobia. That’s like being a surgeon with a blood phobia.

5. I want books to be magically created just because I want them. Like, I’d love a Christmas romance that takes place in Venice and is sweet and swoony. I have not found one yet, so basically this genie needs to give me a book-writing machine that can read my mind and give me the books I want, cute covers and all.

6. I want my book genie to give me movie versions of the pictures I generate in my head while I read. Like… I’d love to re-visit some of my favorite books, but in movie form, and I want those adaptations to be MY way. My genie can translate my imagination and put it on the big screen. Can yours?

7. I want my book genie to transport all my favorite authors, regardless of whether or not they are currently living, and help me plan the best dinner party and book signing for them.

8. My book genie can make me the perfect man by combining all the best parts of my book boyfriends together into one person who will love me unconditionally forever.

9. Basically, I want my favorite authors to never quit writing. Ever.

10. My book genie will find me a friend who has the exact same taste in books as I do so that we can read and flail and cry and swoon and discuss books together all the time.

What do you think of my wishes? Do you want some of these things, too? Link me to your lists, and I’ll come visit!

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