My Top Ten Non-Bookish Hobbies

Posted November 2, 2020 by Jana in About Me, Top Ten Tuesday / 32 Comments

Welcome to another TTT! This week I thought it would be so much fun to get to know each other on a more personal level. We’re all faces in books behind computer screens, but there’s more to all of us than books, right? I’m excited to learn more about you this week. :)

1. Puzzles
I love building puzzles and collecting the prettiest ones. They’re so relaxing and really make me happy!

2. Binging TV Shows
I love marathoning my favorite shows like Friends, MASH, Wings, JAG, etc. Right now I’m working my way through I Love Lucy for the umpteenth time.

3. Christmas
It’s a hobby, ok? I shop for decorations all year long and listen to Christmas music or watch a Christmas movie when I need a pick-me-up. It makes me happy!

4. Graphic Design
Did you know this is where the “artsy” in my blog title comes from? I’m a graphic designer! I love designing things for friends, family, and myself.

5. Animal Crossing
I got a Switch over the summer and I’m super addicted to Animal Crossing. I’m having so much fun decorating my island for the holidays, too. It looked positively adorable for Halloween and now I’m preparing for Christmas!

6. Shopping
I really, really love shopping. If I’m bored, I go browse online for things to add to my wish list!

7. Alternative Medicine
I find natural healing fascinating, and love researching and looking for new ways to feel better. I’ve got a lot of chronic health and pain conditions that have not responded at all to pharmaceuticals, so this takes up a huge chunk of my free time.

8. Baking
I especially like baking Christmas cookies, but I like making regular cookies and muffins all year! I need to star dabbling in bread. I’d love to bake bread!

9. Exploring/Traveling
I love visiting new places or exploring where I live! I love traveling, and I especially love going on cruises. COVID cancelled our two-week cruise this past May, which sucked. My mom, sister, and I just went on a drive looking for fall leaves a few weeks ago and I love doing things like that.

10. Decorating/Organizing/Home Projects
I love interior design, organizing and going through stuff to get rid of, and painting/remodeling the house! My family and I just re-did the family room and office during pandemic, and we’ve been going through everything and reorganizing and getting rid of stuff. It’s been fun!

What are some of your non-bookish hobbies? Do we have any in common?

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32 responses to “My Top Ten Non-Bookish Hobbies

  1. Hallo, Hallo everyone!

    Forgive my first comment – it went off without my knowledge – this is my actual commetn for today’s topic! I wanted to say, I went a bit rogue and hosted a special guest feature for an Indie Fantasy novelist. It was one of my favourite collobrative posts for the year and it was such a delight to get to know more about this series whilst in convo with the author and through the illustrations — all of which is being shared on my special topic for TTT!

    In regards to returning to answering the prompts for TTT – I hope I will be able to contribute quite a few before the end of the year — I was recently ill (due to the loss of cedar trees) and it took a lot out of me physically and emotionally. I’m just starting to read, blog and feel chatty again as a result. That’s why this post was such a joy to share — as it was a bit of happiness for me to work on.
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  2. I totally forgot to mention puzzles! We don’t have room to work them or store them right now but I find them relaxing too.

    I’m sorry you had to cancel your cruise. We love traveling too but luckily we didn’t have any concrete plans this year.

  3. Great idea for this week’s topic. I loved doing it and I loved reading your list. I must admit that I never heard of “Animal Crossing” but that’s about the only part of your list that we don’t share.

    Can’t wait to find out what some of the other regular bloggers have written. Thanks!

  4. My family recently picked up Animal Crossing. I’ve enjoyed it so far! I don’t get as much time with it since my husband and daughter are obsessed with playing every single Zelda game known to man.

  5. I LOVE that you listed Christmas as a hobby! :) That’s so you. Also, you can make for me any time. I’m more of a cooking person than a baking person. I don’t know why they’re so different, but they really are!

    • Oh, and I would so binge-watch Mash. This makes me think of other shows from my formative years (older formative years) like Ally McBeal, Melrose Place, 21 Jump Street. I may have to find these. I wonder if they’ve survived the test of time like MASH, though.

  6. Marilyn

    Some of my hobbies are collecting bookmarks.paper dolls, dolls, books vintage articles and also magazines.,. I knit, do all kinds puzzles,jigsaw, search a word, fill ins, crosswords. I am learning sign language and Latin. I am learning to sew and crochet . I dance to videos of ,ballet,tap,jazz and Irish Step dancing. I exercise to Marie Osmond’s body gym.

  7. Nice… I don’t have 10 myself – baking, making ice cream, and that’s about it. I used to crochet and do needlepoint and sew, but I don’t have patience for those anymore.