Top Ten Things I am Thankful For

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I’m writing this post as I lay sick in bed, so I will admit that I’m having a hard time focusing on things I am thankful for. At the same time, though, I know things could be so much worse than they are. I could be suffering with no cold medicine, no comfortable bed, no TV to keep me entertained, no books to read, and no heat in my home. I have so much to be thankful for!

1. I am thankful for my mom and my sister. We are the Three Musketeers, and we have so much fun together. They are my biggest cheerleaders, my confidants, and my best friends. My mom and I travel together, laugh together, cry together, and are pretty much the same person.

2. I am thankful that I get to live in such a beautiful place! I love Utah, and all my friends and family who live here.

3. I am thankful for all the awesome travel experiences I’ve had throughout my life. Through traveling, I have learned so much about myself, what I am capable of, and how lucky I am. I’ve also learned a lot about culture, language, and what an awesome world we live in.

4. I am thankful for the turn my life has taken this year. I have figured out my life, and I know exactly what I’m going to do with it.

5. I am thankful to be a book blogger! I love everyone I have met through blogging, all the awesome books I have been exposed to, and the opportunities it has provided me. :)

6. I am thankful that I get to teach the 14 and 15-year-old girls at church. They are like my little sisters, and I enjoy getting to know them.

7. I’m thankful for my education. It’s crazy to think about, and I can’t tell you how many times during my first semester of grad school (that I just completed!!) that I wondered what on earth I have done to myself, but there are so many out there who do not have the opportunity to go to school.

8. I’m thankful for music, and the ability I have to connect with it on such a deep level.

9. I’m thankful for my talents of creativity and singing.

10. I’m thankful for my Heavenly Father, and His plan for me.

So, what are YOU thankful for?

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8 responses to “Top Ten Things I am Thankful For

    • Jana

      Thank you! It has been so much fun jumping from list to list. What a great reminder of all the things we take for granted! :)

    • Jana

      Oh, it’s always so much fun to find out about another Utah blogger! I only know a couple other Utah bloggers, and am pretty sure I’ve never met you. Sadly, I can’t go to many book events here because I can’t afford the prices at The King’s English. I go to the Provo and Orem library events, though! We’ll have to try and meet up at an event someday!