Zips Goes Wandering by Chris March | Children’s Book Review + Giveaway

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Zips Goes Wandering by Chris March | Children's Book Review + Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Zips Goes Wandering tour, hosted by CBB Book Promotions! I’m excited to tell you all about this sweet little picture book, and offer a giveaway for your chance to win a copy of your own!


Zips Goes Wandering written and illustrated by Chris Marsh
Series: Savannah Friends #1
Published by booktrope on March 14, 2013
Pages: 21
Grade Level: Preschool through 2nd grade
Source: From the publisher
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Zips is a zebra, a curious one at that. Despite his mum’s warnings, he follows his curiosity across the savannah. After a close brush with a lion and a croc, Zips discovers he’s lost, far from home. What should a youngster do when he’s lost and alone? Zips seeks friends he can trust and uses his wits till he’s reunited, safe and sound, with his mum. This colorful, rhyming picture book has lively pictures of African animals. Zips Goes Wandering can help parents and children discuss safety issues and what to do if they ever get lost or separated.

Zips Goes Wandering is a fun rhyming picture book about a little zebra who goes on an adventure and gets lost. Reminiscent of Are You My Mother? by P.D. Eastman, Zips goes to different animals to ask if they have seen his mother. He searches and searches before finding a really tall giraffe who is able to help him. Children will enjoy the repetition of Zips asking for his mom and then rushing off to see if that animal directed him in the correct direction or sent him to the wrong place again.

The illustrations are absolutely delightful, and are my favorite part of the book. Each illustration is bright, colorful, and enhances the text of the story so that emerging readers feel confident in trying to sound out the words. Children will love looking at pictures of several different animals. The author plays with perspective and Zips’s nose is frequently fish-eyed on the page, big and adorable. He has the sweetest little face, and so much personality.

The story presents a very important message to its readers, and that is to be careful and stay close by so as not to get lost. I think this is a great book to read to a child in order to explain this lesson, as well as come up with a plan for what to do if someone does get lost. Zips comes close to getting hurt by a crocodile and a lion, which is a compelling reason to not wander off. Luckily Zips was taught to ask other grow-ups for help, and he ended up home safe. I’ve found several lost children in stores over the course of my life, and it’s a super scary thing for everyone involved. This is such an important lesson to discuss with children, and I’m so happy to see such a sweet book that does just that. Highly recommended.


About the Author

Chris Marsh grew up in the heart of the English Countryside and spent many sunny days going on wild adventures and long expeditions, with his mother constantly reminding him to be careful. On those rainy days he would spend hours either reading, painting or drawing, letting his imagination go wild and creating a variety of stories and tales about his adventures. Surrounded by pets and constantly exploring the local wildlife and farm animals, Chris developed a love for animals which crept into his creativity. Years later it was Chris’ turn to do the careful reminding to his adventurous nieces and nephews and he found the only way to engage them was through stories.

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