Discussion: What’s the Longest Book You’ve Ever Read?

Posted January 16, 2016 by Jana in Discussion, Personal / 23 Comments

With all the excitement of the holidays last month, it has taken me since Christmas Eve to finish Winter by Marissa Meyer (I finished it in the wee hours of yesterday morning, and it was everything a Jana could have dreamed of.). Of course, this means I’ve had pretty much no content for my blog. lol. And I swear, I felt guilty that things were so quiet over here while I took three weeks to read one book. But then…

I realized, Winter is the longest book I’ve ever read (824 pages)! So basically this is a huge accomplishment. I usually feel very overwhelmed by big books because they are a major time commitment. They latch onto your emotions and take you away from this world. I’m so glad I was willing to give myself the time to read such a long book. AND it was one I bought! I read it for me, and I rarely take the time to do that.

Anyway, I’m wondering… What’s the longest book you’ve ever read? 

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23 responses to “Discussion: What’s the Longest Book You’ve Ever Read?

  1. The longest book listed on my Goodreads (aside from a couple of literature anthologies) is a self-published book called The Order. Since I read it as an ebook, I didn’t really appreciate the size, and I hated it so much that I didn’t even finish it. So that doesn’t count.

    The next longest book seems to have been Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, which doesn’t surprise me at all.

  2. For me it’s definitely Order of the Phoenix in the Harry Potter series. My edition (adult UK editions) is almost 1000 pages long (956 I believe from the top of my head) and it’s a brick. (I guess I could say Lord of the Rings too, if you consider it one book, which is definitely over 1000 pages)! XD
    Nessa Luna recently posted…Review: Truthwitch

  3. Order of the Phoenix or Gone With the Wind for me. Order is nearly 10000, my version of Gone With the Wind was 1500, but I have seen versions shorter (with itty bitty print).

  4. It looks like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is my longest read (based on Goodreads)! Not surprising, though I do believe I might actually be reading a few books this year that are a little longer. Meep.

  5. Jennifer

    According Goodreads, mine is The Count of Monte Cristo. And I don’t regret a single page. It was an exciting, thrilling book that surprised me because I was thinking “an old classic probably nicely written but outdated”.

  6. Emmah

    I just finished Winter a few days ago and it was SO good, omg!! It’s not the longest book I’ve read, though. That’d have to go to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” (870 pages)!

  7. I think the longest book I’ve ever read was The Lord of the Rings. I found an old bind-up in the basement when I was in high school and worked my way though the 1000+ pages over the course of the year. (Does that count? It was originally published as three books, but I read it as one, and Tolkien wrote it as a single piece…)
    Kelly recently posted…Review: These Shallow Graves

  8. I picked Winter for one of my recent RAT reads (just finished yesterday too) and I was just thinking about this. I think my longest read would be David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. It’s actually one of my all-time favorite classics and is over 900 pages, I believe. I think it’s interesting that page numbers don’t necessarily mean I’ll like a book more or less. I like them all lengths, but longer ones definitely take more time commitment. :)

  9. Sarah C.

    Gone With the Wind! About a thousand pages. I didn’t really think it was worth it though; better to watch the movie as it takes much less time! ;)

  10. Let’s see, according to Goodreads Don Quixote is the longest with 982 pages but that was for college and we didn’t read the entire thing…so I’m not going to count that. So, then my longest read is…Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer with 756 pages with Queen of Shadows as a second with 648 pages.

    Stephanie Kaye recently posted…Review: Between by Jessica Warman