The Dreaded Blogging Slump | A Call for Advice/Commiserating

Posted May 5, 2017 by Jana in Discussion, Personal / 10 Comments

Hello!! Remember me!? I’m the person who you think fell off the Internet. I’m here! I’m just having trouble finding my blogging mojo at the moment. I’m reading, but I’m months behind on writing reviews. I’m staying on top of the Debut Author Challenge, but not as much as I’d like. What’s happening to me!?

We all know I’ve been in grad school the last 3.5 years, so the blog took a back seat in my life. But I graduated in December! But then I went to Hawaii and California for a month. But I’ve been home!! I’ve been reading!! What’s going on? I still love reading and blogging, so that’s not the issue. I’m not going anywhere, so it’s not like I’m phasing myself out.

What do I do?? Has this happened to you? Any tips for getting a handle on the reviews I still need to write? How do I make blogging a priority again? Every time I think of sitting down to write a review I go to Netflix or play Two Dots on my phone because I’m great at adulting and being responsible. I used to be so ON IT. Anyone else feeling this way? I need some help. Or a blogging intervention.

Throw your thoughts at me, and while you’re at it tell me what you’ve been up to!

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10 responses to “The Dreaded Blogging Slump | A Call for Advice/Commiserating

  1. Ughhh, I’ve realized that writing back reviews is my least fave thing about blogging. My advice would be to just start writing reviews right after you finish a book so it’s all fresh in your mind and you don’t have to THINK as much. Then maybe just make a post of mini-thoughts on some of the books you read over the past few months?? Blogging slumps are the worst though. So hard for me to get out of!!
    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books recently posted…The One Memory of Flora Banks Blog Tour Review, Quotes, & GIVEAWAY!

    • Jana

      Haha. They are my least favorite as well! I used to not let myself start a new book until I wrote a review of the last one, but then I got rebellious. lol. I’ve been thinking of doing mini compilation review posts, but I read so slowly that I kind of want a post per book so I have enough content this year. Then again, I’ve had barely any content, so what’s the difference? lol. This is the worst!

  2. Start off with posts that are easier to write that you don’t need to think much about – lists! Your favourite books you’ve read since you’ve been off blogging? Books you’re most looking forward to? I find reviews can be the hardest to write. Good luck!

    • Jana

      That sounds like a fun idea! I’ve been really bad at coming up with non-review posts lately, so I need to get back on that.

  3. Sam

    I concur with Michelle. I did not go through this with blogging, but I did with scrapbooking. I had fallen so far behind, I had grade school pictures of my high schooler to scrap and it left me really overwhelmed. I just decided to start with a recent trip, and I was able to do SOME of the backlog.
    Sam @ WLABB

    • Jana

      Oh, I hear you on the scrapbooking! Life goes so much faster than we have time to be creative. I ran into the same issue. lol. I’m also writing my personal history and I’m so lost on where to begin because I’ve lived so much. lol. Starting with the most recent and moving backwards is a good idea. Then at least something is really fresh in my mind. :)

  4. I was recently in a blogging slump and I think it began out of my feelings of being overwhelmed by my book reviews. I tell myself now-not every book I read needs a review. Maybe a short blog post. Maybe a focus on a quote from the book. You don’t have to review them all-especially if you read constantly. You’ll never get caught up! At least, that’s how I felt. Also, don’t feel bad for choosing Netflix and your phone over blogging, sometimes we need a brain break.

    To help myself, I started (what others above commented about too) focusing more on fun posts and not reviews. The tags are fun, lists, quotes, and just posts that I could write without a lot of thinking. It got me ready to get caught up on my reviews.

    I know you’ll make it through and look forward to seeing more posts!

    • Jana

      I need to get on board with your line of thinking. I’m such a perfectionist that I want to review EVERYTHING. lol. But really, I don’t have to. I can publicize books and talk about them in other ways that might feel less like homework. And yes… brain breaks are the best. And my brain seems to be wanting a lot of them right now. :P

      I think I’ll take everyone’s advice and try to come up with some fun non-review posts to get me back into the swing of things. :) Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. I recently took an unexpected several-month break from blogging. I wasn’t writing, visiting other blogs, or anything. The kids and I got the flu, then we were just BUSY every weekend. Only recently did I finally have a chance to sit down at the computer again. I really do love the blogging time I spend, so I’m glad! I’m just doing what I can to catch up, even if it’s just a short post or two each week.
    Hope you decide to get back into it because I enjoy reading your blog!
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