Ten Books I Loved Before I Became a Book Blogger

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A long time ago… in this galaxy… way back in the dino days, before Moby Dick was a minnow (can you tell I’m feeling old today? It’s my birthday!)… I wasn’t a book blogger. I know. It’s kind of hard for me to believe it, too, because I have been eating, breathing, and sleeping books since June of 2010 (I started The Broke and the Bookish with Jamie). About a year and a half later, That Artsy Reader Girl was born, and I’ve made a pretty cozy place for myself here in my corner of the Internet. Blogging has been a huge blessing for me, and has given me the opportunity to read so many amazing books, but some long-time favorites rekindled my love of reading way before I started writing. Since I never wrote full reviews for any of these books, I thought it’d be fun to share some of them with you today!

1. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight is the book that made me discover there was a young adult section in the bookstore. I had NO idea! I’m not even kidding. I grew up reading romance novels, and never knew there was a genre devoted to me. But oh, I loved Edward. :) Oh, and random fact… this is actually the first book I added to Goodreads when I joined. Crazy!

2. Pretend You Don’t See Her by Mary Higgins-Clark
This was first mystery novel! My mom has always really loved Mary Higgins-Clark, and started me on her books when I was a teenager. I became an instant fan, and will read anything she writes. I still can’t believe she’s still pumping books out at her age. It’s super impressive.

3. Catherine and the Pirate by Karen Hawkins
Did anyone else read the Avon True Romance series? There were, I think, 12 books aimed towards young adults in this series, all written by well-known authors like Meg Cabot, Beverly Jenkins, etc. This one was my first and favorite, though. I found it in my high school’s library when we had to write a book report (I can’t believe I chose this book for a book report. lol)  and thus began my love of pirate romances. I swear, I live for a really good historical romance featuring pirates and pirate ships.

4. The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
I really loved this story, even though it made me cry because Nicholas Sparks likes to kill people. I’ll never read another book of his again for that reason, but I did really connect with this story. Even though I can cry about it right now if I think about it enough.

5. With Every Breath by Lynn Kurland
This was my very first time travel book! I LOVE Lynn’s romances. They are soooooo sweet, and so amazing. I just love Scotland, too, and most of her books take place there.

6. The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum 
This is a very fun trilogy that I found after reading Twilight and wanting something similar. The Hourglass Door features time travel and Da Vinci and a cute Italian boy. I loved it more than Twilight.

7. Kiss and Tell by Suzanne Brockman 
This book starts when a woman gets kissed by a mysterious man in a Zorro mask on New Year’s Eve. Who is he!?!?! Oh, I loved this book. The other two books in this trilogy and wonderful, too.

8. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
I was pretty scared of this book. It took me forever to be ok with it, and my mom thought I was insane for wanting it. I loved it. Seriously, this solidified my love of YA novels. And I kind of love that I read it before it was cool and before the movies and the hype. The second book, Catching Fire, wasn’t even out yet!

9. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
I found Shiver in the hopes of finding something like Twilight. I was skeptical, though, because I was team Edward and not Jacob, so why on Earth would I like a book about werewolves? I loved Maggie’s writing, though, and the story was so perfect.

10. Austenland by Shannon Hale
Yes, I reviewed this here (my first review ever, actually!), but I actually had to re-read the book in order to remember it enough to write a review. So it counts. It’s still one of my favorite books, even though the movie leaves much to be desired.

Which books did you read and love before you became a book blogger? 

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10 responses to “Ten Books I Loved Before I Became a Book Blogger

  1. Kay

    It’s interesting to think that almost all of us were serious booklovers before our blogs, right? This just gave us an outlet to talk about it with lots of people who are like us. I remember when I first discovered other book people on the internet. It was amazing as I had always been a bit of loner in the family and with my friends. No one loved books as much as me – until I found others ‘out there’. Ha! I’ve been doing nostalgic posts for a while on my blog. I love looking back and I’ve kept a book journal for over 25 years. It’s fun to see what I was reading ‘way back then’.
    Kay recently posted…Bookish Nostalgia – June 2018

  2. Shiver was one of my favorites pre-blogging as well! I remember absolutely loving that the books had different colors for the fonts. I also absolutely adored Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. I probably wouldn’t love either of them as much as I did before, but they definitely cemented my love of YA (especially paranormal)!
    Genni @ Ready, Set, Read! recently posted…Series I Won’t be Continuing

  3. Happy birthday! Twilight was one of the first books I read post-college, and I think it helped me get back into reading. I also really enjoyed The Hunger Games.

  4. Twilight was pre-blogging for me as well. I began my blog as I became a high school librarian since I thought it would give my students a place to look for book recommendations. The library gig only lasted 4 years, but the blog is still going on year 9.

  5. Oh dear, I’ve only read two from your list–and those are in a genre I don’t normally read! This was a fun roundup. :) Like you, it’s hard to remember when I WASN’T blogging (I started my first one in 2000ish I think? Or whenever they first came out and were hideously ugly). Have a great weekend and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  6. It took me forever to read The Hunger Games (in fact I just did last year!!)- I didn’t think I’d like, until I saw the movie and got more of a sense about it. It is kind of amazing though to think about all the books I loved pre- blogging that I’ve never reviewed! Fun post!!
    Greg recently posted…Bookcover Spotlight #159