The Santa Box | Movie Review (+ Giveaway)

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The Santa Box | Movie Review (+ Giveaway)

I’m excited to be a part of the official The Santa Box movie blog tour! If you know me at all, you know how much I love Christmas and Christmas movies, so when I was offered the opportunity to be on this blog tour . Thank you to the PR company for providing a free copy of the DVD for this review!

The Santa Box Movie
Rating: NR (Family movie, suitable for all ages)
Genre: Drama
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For 12-year-old Kallie Watts, Christmas is anything but merry. For the last five years, the tinsel-strewn holiday has spelled disaster for her family, so when an apartment fire leaves Kallie and her widowed mother homeless just in time for the holidays, it comes as no surprise. There’s only one logical conclusion: Kallie is cursed by Christmas.

When her mother finds a new job in a small California town, Kallie steps out of the moving van and into her worst nightmare: a real-life version of “Whoville,” overflowing with holiday decorations and brimming with Christmas cheer. Forced to navigate the complicated ins and outs of her jolly new surroundings, Kallie is shaken out of her gloom one day when she discovers an ornately carved wooden Santa box on the porch, addressed to her. The moment she lifts the lid, Kallie’s life is changed forever as she rediscovers the true magic and meaning of Christmas …

What a sweet, heartwarming movie about the true meaning of Christmas: it’s better to give than to receive! The movie starts out during WWII with a boy stealing food from two soldiers in order to survive, and then flashes to present-day with Kallie’s story of dealing with starting life over after a devastating house fire. The town they end up in is suuuuuper Christmassy, and Kallie is overwhelmed by it all. As she and her mom meet new people and see a few miracles in their own lives, things turn around for them both and Kallie begins to soften. I won’t give any more away because I hate reading reviews that spoil books/movies, but it’s very sweet. Well, except for the hints of teens picking on other teens and the popular kids versus the unpopular ones. I don’t enjoy teen drama, and felt that took away a little of my overall enjoyment of the story. I did love the parts of the movie that included Otto, a sweet old German man. The friendship he and Kallie form is so special, and I love how much he loves the magic of Christmas. He takes her under his wing and gives her some great advice. I also really enjoyed the hints of romance between Kallie’s mom and the handyman who comes to their door one day. There were a lot of important messages in the movie including making the most of what you have, forgiving others, and being kind. The magic of the Santa Box was also really fun, but I don’t want to go into more detail than that. Overall, The Santa Box is a wonderful movie that really got me into the festive spirit. I definitely recommend it. And wow… did you notice how many times I used the word “sweet” to describe this movie? lol.

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